Monday, March 1, 2010

rumspringa matinee show @ naia 2.26.10

every friday at noon, this student organization on my campus called SUPERB puts on free shows in lower sproul plaza, which is outside, but because it was raining they moved the show into naia, which was this small gelato/cafĂ© shop. this made for a way better setting to see them. on their myspace page, it has rumspringa listed as a two member band, but there was a third guy who played bass lines on a synth the whole time. overall their sound seemed pretty empty at times, as if they could benefit from having more instruments or more members. maybe it was just the sound in the room though, i’m not sure. i felt like they played for about ten minutes too long, and by the end of the set i had lost all interest in the band. they are very good musicians, but not really for me. however, if this is what you’re into, they have an album coming out this summer and are going to sxsw in a couple of weeks.

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