Saturday, December 28, 2013

Roman Candles show @ Dawghouse w/ Dogbreth and Bad Kids

I'm playing a house show in San Diego on Monday December 30th with Dogbreth and Bad Kids.
I'm excited. I don't get down to SD as much as I wish I did. 
It's an early show starts at 4:30. 
I'm pumped to play with Dogbreath they just put out a new LP on plan-it-x that you can listen to HERE

The address is

3373 1/2 Chamoune Ave. San Diego, CA 92105

Facebook event below

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Roman Candles show @ Bridgetown December 26

Hey Everyone. I finished my first semester of grad school today, and I'm coming home on Friday for a month. I've got some shows booked, the first of which will be at bridgetown with Dream Caste, Nayru, Meryl Streaker, and Perpetual Motion Machine on December 26. I'm really pumped.

Click HERE for the facebook event.
Dream Caste will have their new tape, "A Calmer Room," listen HERE.

I'm also playing with Benny the Jet, Dogbreth and Moonbandits at VLHS on Jan 6.
click HERE for facebook event.

that's all for now. i'm excited to come home. see you soon. kisses

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Favorite Records of the Year 2013

1. White Night - Prophets of Templum cdxx (Recess)
2. Wild Moth - Over Again (Asian Man)
3. Hello Shark - HS (Burst and Bloom)
4. The Exquisites - S/T (Asian Man)
5. Happy Hollows - Amethyst (Self Released?)
6. No Age - An Object (Sub Pop)
7. Rival Mob - Mob Justice (Revelation)
8. Colossal Wrecks -Waste The Moments (Mountain Man / Lauren)
9. Watercolor Paintings - When You Move (Plan-It-X)
10. The Lovely Bad Things - The Late Great Whatever (Volcom)
11. Benny The Jet Rodriguez - Home Run (Recess)
12. Audacity - Butter Knife (Suicide Squeeze)
13. Calculator - This Will Come to Pass (Self Released)
14. Radiator Hospital - Something Wild (Salinas)
15. Leer - Spring Break No Parents (Lauren)
16. Moses Campbell - Expectations (Big Joy)
17. Dad Punchers - S/T (Sea  Legs)
18. Garrett Walters - I Call My Younger Sister Twice A Day (Plan-It-X)
19. Spokenest - We Move (Self Released)
20. Crystal Antlers - Nothing Is Real (Innovative Leisure)
21. Arcade Fire - Reflektor (Merge)
22. Hoax - S/T (Self Released)
23. Lemuria -The Distance Is So Big (Bridge 9)
24. Waxahatchee - Cerulean Salt (Don Giovanni)
25. Ghost Mice / Ramshackle Glory (split) - Shelter (Plan-It-X)

Desaparecidos - Te Amo Camila Vallejo / Underground Man
Desaparecidos - Anonymous / The Left Is Right

Tongue - Body + Mind
Dad Punchers / Exquisites (split)
Summer Vacation / Glocca Mora (split)
Dad Punchers - These Times Weren't Made For You
Mynx - s/t
Mynx - Frozen Tide
Heathers - Teenage Clothes
Cat Party- A Thousand Shades of Grey
Black Sparrow Press - Fever Shakes
Fugue - Solitude / Traffic 

Demo Tapes:
Bedhed / Merry Christmas (split)
Fugue - s/t
Loughton - Cheap Shot
Layman- s/t
Palm Reader - Unlucky
Pocketknife - s/t
Michael Vidal - Dream Center
Canyons - s/t
Tobias Funke - Read More
Carte de Visite - We Live, We Grow, We Change

Two tapes making last minute releases that i haven't listened to are Dream Caste and Roses, I'll get those when I get home. 

New Zine coming soon I did an interview with Elliot from Dad Punchers back in October, so keep on the lookout for that.