Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Stowaways Issue #11 Out Now

The Stowaways Issue #11 Out Now
Features an interview with Wild Moth
show reviews, record reviews, zine reviews, and a letter section

send $1 to
the stowaways
5082 wendover road

yorba linda, ca 92886

Monday, July 23, 2012

Throat Culture reviews Roman Candles 'Whatever Happened to VBK?' 7"

Throat Culture issue 11 reviewed

the roman candles 7"

Roman Candles - 'What ever happened to VBK?'
(Young Foole / This Side That Side)

What did ever happen to VBK? Stuff like this makes me wish I was more punk, hadn't cut my hair, and was cool, but then it reminds, who the hell is 'punk'? And screw being cool!! But most of all, just like their 'punk belongs to us' tape, this makes me wish I could actually play. The Roman Candles are really so damn good, and this 45 is a testament of that exactly. Fast and jumpy, while being smooth and classy. Poppy punk fun! I'm sometimes like 'Bass, whatever.' This makes me be like 'Whoa, this here bass thing is pretty dang cool!' Harmonica shred and what not, so good. I like the full band sound & I NEED to see 'em live. Come over? Please guys!! The first tune reminds us it's all okay to scream out, play loud, and be ourselves. Punx. The second is all about religions and cults, both? Same thing? Total twistin' tunez!! (four or five bucks??)

Write for a copy:
Aztec Records
5082 Wendover Rd.
Yorba Linda, CALIF., 92886
U. S. A.

Thanks Robert!
to pick up a copy of Throat Culture send $1 or a letter or whatever to
Gonk Publishing
2700 White Ave. #3
Chico, CALIF., 95973
United States of America

Sunday, July 22, 2012

roman candles show 7/27/12

Playing in l.a. at the tribal cafe on friday with some friends.

here's the facebook event. 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Razorcake reviews the stowaways issues #5, #6 and #7

Razorcake #69 - Aug and Sept
reviewed The Stowaways issues 5, 6, and 7

Full-size, copied, 17 pgs.
The layout for this is pretty goofy: full size and stapled in the corners. But it fits the feeling of the zine: youthful, raw, and full of excitement about music. It's filled with local show reviews, a tour journal, and an interview with Creatures. I'd say it's worth it if you want to feel all warm and fuzzy about DIY music. The writer's voice is disarming and loveable. - Katie Dunne (The Stowaways, 5082 Wendover Rd., Yorba Linda, CA 92886)

8 1/2" X 11", photocopied, 8 pgs
Christopher, fold your zine! You've already been scolded for this in this very publication! You have no excuse! First of all, a stapled, 8 1/2" x 11" zine consisting of six pieces of paper is easily destroyed in the mail, in a backpack or just about anywhere. On top of that, there's enough content here for several more pages of a half-size zine, making for a more attractive, less thrown-together-looking, thinly-spread package. Aside from the aforementioned annoyance, I'm a fan of The Stowaways. There's a certain charm and love of life to Christopher's writing. My favorite part is the show reviews, where he manages to talk about anything but the band that played, focusing, instead, on human interactions and hanging out that happens as a result. His reviews of stuff like records and zines are really fun and awesome to read; I can't explain how or why, they just are. He's just got a certain breezy, carefree style of writing. I was left wanting him to review everything. His lunch. His town. His parents. His shoes... well, all right, that's enough. I just wish it were longer because I really liked it. That's all. His band interview, however was a poor way to translate his passion. He comes off like a star-struck fanboy. He's super excited about the band, Moses Campbell, but the questions are about boring shit like where they recorded their album. He needs to step up his game in this area or cut the interviewing out altogether. Otherwise, totally recommended. So, order this zine and hope it holds up in the mail. While you're at it, get the Roman Candles tape. It's the guy's singer-songwriter project and it's good. -Craven Rock. (The Stowaways, 5082 Wendover Rd., Yorba Linda, CA 92886,

8 1/2" x 11", 20 pgs.
Sloppy cut-and-paste fanzine out of Yorba Linda, California. This thing comes out like, every two months or somethings, which I totally admire. This issue doesn't break any new ground - show, record, and zine reviews, an interview with the band Merry Christmas. I think that's fine, but I wish it did more with all this stuff. The Merry Christmas interview seems specifically designed to bore the shit out of anyone who isn't a rabid fan/personal acquaintance. The reviews are pretty good, and if you're coming to this looking for perspectives on music and zines then that may be what wins you over. For me, it was the badass fan letter from a prisoner in the back, brimming with humor and punk. -Dave Brainwreck (The Stowaways, 5082 Wendover Rd., Yorba Linda, CA 92886)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Contest to win FREE recording at Dub Narcotic Studios in Oly WA

So here's the deal, K Records is giving away free recording time, you can enter and also help me out by using my "narcode" as your access to the contest.
Mine is ( DubNarcoticsDelight )

Here is the link for all the deets:


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

roman candles show thursday 7/19/12

playing a show on thursday july 19th 
at the vlhs in pomona with 
summer vacation
swearin' and 
colossal rex

i'm stoked. 

here's the facebook event.

8pm $5 email 
for the address

Monday, July 16, 2012

MRR reviews the stowaways issue #8

reviewed the stowaways issue #8. i don't have any more copies, but i dropped some off around l.a. at the end of june to places like origami vinyl, vacation vinyl, the last bookstore, family bookstore etc. good luck i guess? In the zine it says my zine is 8 X 5.5 it's 8 1/2 X 11. oh well. 

THE STOWAWAYS #8 / $2 ppd
8 X 5.5 - copied - 15 pages
Christopher Gordon does a great job producing this jam-packed little DIY zine, straight out of sunny Southern California. He starts off with entertaining show reviews then dives into an interview with Jason Schwartz from Orange County's own HC band Media Blitz. Ten or so record reviews are included as well, and range from Ghost Mice to Reality Problems. And the zine is rounded out by letters from punk CA Penitentiary inmate, Brody Davis, whose colorful writing style is surely not to be missed (if you're reading this Brody, Hello!) (DJ)

Christopher Gordon / 5082 Wendover Road / Yorba Linda, CA 92886

Sunday, July 8, 2012

roman candles show on monday 7/9/12

Roman Candles show in L.A. on Monday. It starts at 6:30 Sharp. I will be there at 6:00. and I'm assuming i'm playing first, so please come early. It's still a secret location, but if you'd like the address email me romancandlesmusic[at]gmail[dot]com

this is definitely the most excited i've been for a show in awhile. it's a solid line-up. come early stay late.

i'm also putting out a tape for the show. it's got seven new acoustic songs, one of them even has some accordion on it for you diehards. the tapes are limited to 50 copies. i have 45 left as of now. i'm giving them away for free at the show, so this is a one night deal. if you really can't make it to the show, and you want one just email me. we'll figure it out.

Roman Candles: This One's for Terminal Boredom /50

Thursday, July 5, 2012

I'm dj-ing a black pelican show on saturday

i'm dj-ing a show on saturday in costa mesa at the avalon bar. i'll be spinning records before, in between and after the bands. i've never done this, i'm kind of excited. expect some sam cooke, pavement, op ivy, robert johnson, obscure l.a. bands like the mezzanine owls, and everything in between. BLACK PELICAN

here's the event. p.s. that bandcamp link for white night is not the white night that is playing. the white night that is playing is an awesome pop-punk band from fullerton, ca. 

the address is 
820 W 19th St
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

i'll be there at 8:30. come hang out.