Wednesday, March 31, 2010

moses campbell:: who are you? who is anyone? cd review

anyone who has been paying attention to moses campbell, has been anticipating this album for quite some time. even before i listened to the cd, i was pretty familiar with the majority of these songs.‘who are you? who is anyone?’ marks their debut full length, and an impressive one at that. its got twelve tracks and close to forty-five minutes of music. the reason i like this album so much is because it's easy for me to identify with. vocally, it's everything i like about bright eyes, and miss about being fifteen years old. instrumentally, it's as exciting as the first time i saw dusty rhodes and the river band, which for me is saying a lot. i think it’s a great debut from a very talented young band. most people’s complaints with the album are going to be that it's too long, but i’m not really buying that argument. all the songs on here are necessary. i’m really excited to see where this band takes us in the future, but for now pick up a copy of their album while it’s fresh.

the album was released on olFactory, Static Aktion, No Girls Allowed and can be purchased from olFacotory's website here.

rating: 12/12

Monday, March 29, 2010

razorcake reviews roman candles tape

razorcake posted a review of the 'everybody dies' tape. i don't think they liked it lol.

Everybody Dies:

It’s on the better end of that dorky, folky stuff but, still, the lyrics are pretty flat and too cute. Also I’m unemployed, the nation’s in a depression, and there’s still a war going on. –Craven (Self-released,

curdle motif: sounds from a well review

curdle motif says more in fourteen minutes of music then i'll say in my whole life. however, it's not the discouraging "you should probably quit your band because you'll never be as good as them." it's actually the opposite - it makes me want to write better songs.

with that in mind, hassan and rosie return for their second e.p. titled 'sounds from a well.' it's got six brand new tracks - all of which are better then anything on their first e.p. the recordings are better, the lyrics are better, and the musicianship is better. this time around, you get more then just guitar and cello; it comes with drums, mandolin and glockenspiel as well. i would have to say my favorite song on the album is the closer 'snake of eden' where hassan belches out with confidence, "we're all fish just swimming in the same water we shit in . . ."

they're selling them at shows and on their myspace for three dollars, and the artwork is hand drawn by hassan. i'm letting you know now that this band is destined for great things. they're going to deliver us a full length that will still matter twenty years after it's written. our kids will listen to it and admire us for knowing it existed, or hate us for not being 'in the know.' so do yourself a favor and grab this. - highly recommended.

rating: 6/6

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Your Yellow Dress Tour Day 6 March 26, 2010

Tucson to Los Angeles = Success. i woke up early to walk to sharps transmissions because i wanted to be there if the van was fixed. it was about an hour and a half walk, and when we got there they were taking it out for a test drive. we packed up the van and were on the road by 12:30. i would like to thank jake so much for letting us live in his hanger for three nights. thanks for making us fruit salad. thanks for letting us drink and see bands for free. thanks for laughing at my jokes and disco dancing with us.

the drive to l.a. took eight and a half hours. i pretty much went crazy on the drive but the show at pehrspace was amazing. rare grooves played first. they reminded me a lot of the minutemen, and when i went to talk to the guitar player after their set he said that they have a 7" coming out and mike watt plays bass on it, which is pretty fucking cool and kind of explains a lot. the dining dead reminded me a lot of the pixies. they were high school kids. the guitar player was wearing a bright eyes shirt and when someone offered him a drink of beer he said thanks but i'm only sixteen which made me laugh. i really like them and picked up a copy of their cd which sean from moses campbell put out on his label - no girls allowed. moses campbell celebrated the release of their cd 'who are you? who is anyone?' this was my first time seeing them and they were awesome. this was definitely a party. toilet paper was thrown everywhere, miles was crowd surfing, and everyone was singing and knocking over microphones. the drive home last night was pretty depressing and i'm sad it's over, but i had a lot of fun, made a lot of new friends, and i'm really happy i went.

Blythe California: For Calvin

Your Yellow Dress Tour Day 5 March 25, 2010

when we woke up we found out that the car would not be ready that afternoon, and that it would probably be ready tomorrow at noon. to keep from having a going crazy we walked an hour and a half up to university ave and got some jamba juice. after that we snuck into this hotel and used their swimming pool. none of us had showered since sunday morning and we all smelt pretty awful. this was my last day of clean underwear and socks, and i was going crazy but sneaking into the pool was amazing and i wish i could go back. we ended the night with another disco dance party, which was really awesome.

Your Yellow Dress Tour Day 4 March 24, 2010

Phoenix to San Deigo = Fail. when we woke up in Tucson, Kevin and Ryan told us that the car would not be done until the earliest Thursday afternoon which meant at least one more night in the hangart. so we walked about a half mile to the grocery store, and when the weather cooled down we went over to fourth street and busked. i decided i was just going to drink a lot that day to keep from losing my mind. the coolest thing about that day though was meeting this guy named jimmy tucson. after busking we came back to the hangart, and i continued to drink. i found out that there would be another show there that night which was awesome. we got to see the splinters again who are fucking great. they are playing with the bananas and no bunny on april fourth in oakland for no bunny's easter egg bash which i'm really excited about. we saw jeff the brotherhood again too. this time they played acoustic which they said they had never done before and it was awesome. they're fucking amazing check them out. after them charlie and the moonhearts played, and we have their 'drop in/drop out' 7" up at kalx and i love it, they're soo good. ty segal played last and played a pretty destructive rock 'n' roll set. i'm a huge ty segal fan now. you should definitely check them out. after all the bands left, a pretty intoxicated alex taught us all how to do the hustle. he led us in a two hour disco dance party, which is going to remain one of my favorite memories of this trip.

the hangart
Eric: Bass
Ryan: Trumpet
Kevin: Trumpet
Tim: French Horn
Richard: Mellophone
Alyson: Violin
Alex: Guitar
Matt: Drums

Your Yellow Dress Tour Day 3 March 23, 2010

Las Cruces to Phoenix = Fail. we had been having van problems from about four hours into the trip on the first day. when we woke up at the equinox, we pushed our van to a pep boys and had them seal a leak on the van. they sent us on our way. we stopped at a dairy queen in tucson, and when we tried to start the car it was obvious that it wasn't going to work. we had it towed to another pep boys, and they weren't able to help us. so we had it towed to sharp's transmissions, and it was already closed by the time we got it towed there so we had to wait until the next morning for them to look at it. jake, who runs the hangart, let us sleep there which was awesome because we got to see a bunch of bands for free. the only thing that sucked was that it's so cold sleeping on the floor.

The Equinox: Las Cruces, New Mexico
PEP BOYS: Tucson, Arizona

Your Yellow Dress Tour Day 2 March 22, 2010

tucson to las cruces. we played the equinox with a bunch of bands. there were two rooms with a new band on every half hour. it was a really cool show. met a lot of cool people. las cruces is freezing at night. i traded tapes with devon williams, and got their care free album - it's really good. all the bands were really solid. i would check out world's greatest ghosts, devon williams, the splinters and jeff the brotherhood though.

Your Yellow Dress Tour Day 1 March 21, 2010

Orange County to Tucson.
I ran into Hassan from Curdle Motif and he gave me a copy of their new e.p. which i've been listening to non stop. we played the hangart for the brootal sunfest with writer, tape deck mountain and andrew jackson jihad.
van problems start about four hours into the drive