Thursday, March 11, 2010

simon joyner west coast tour in july!

Simon Joyner is a singer-songwriter from Omaha, Nebraska. Considered by some to be the forefather of the burgeoning Omaha music scene, he has profoundly influenced the music of Bright Eyes. Joyner also collaborated with John Darnielle, of The Mountain Goats, and Beck listed Joyner in his top 10 albums when asked by Rolling Stone. He is also famous for the so called "Peel Incident," when famous British DJ John Peel played his album The Cowardly Traveller Pays His Toll from beginning to end on air.

Simon Joyner is planning a few, short tours to support his new album Out Into the Snow. Instead of performing in the typical indie rock venues and bars, he would like to explore a more intimate setting for these shows—living rooms and art spaces around the country. The house (or art space) show removes the elevated stage that separates the performer from the audience. It removes the distracting noise from the bar and provides an environment that allows the music to be the main focus. Simon has always felt that house shows and D.I.Y. spaces are often the best places to perform but it hasn’t been feasible to base a tour on this preference until now. If you’d like to host a show or express interest in attending a show, please visit to indicate your interest. Joyner is going to the southeast in March, the northeast in May, and the west coast in July. We are still looking for a hosts for the west coast tour as well as someone in Columbia, MO and Memphis, TN to host shows on the southeast leg (copied from his myspace).

if you want tickets or you want to host a show go to

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