Monday, December 14, 2015

Fugue "No One Else"

Fugue's "No One Else" has been a long time in the making. I went on what will probably be the only tour this band ever does for this record, and that was 17 months before the album would be released. I can recall them playing this show to three people in Rexburg, Idaho; to less people in Spokane, Washington; acoustically to a frustrated group of people in San Luis Obispo; and I remember the last show of the tour, where Garret's pedals broke at Vinyl Solution and the band just kind of ended their set angrily. I remember they didn't want to go out for dinner afterwards. That was the last time I saw them play. 

After I left, they had to finish writing the record. Then they had to record it. There were debates over how the vocals should sound. When I listen to the record now, there are parts where I think Garret should be screaming, because that's how he sang it that summer, but he's not screaming anymore and vice versa. After that, the record had to be mixed, and then it needed to be mastered. 

For a long time afterwards the band waited, and waited, and waited - hoping someone would pick it up - hoping someone would want to release it on vinyl. 

Avocado's putting it out on tape in a small pressing of 100 copies. Their release show is this Friday. If everyone at the show bought a copy, that could be it for the album. A record. An artifact. A piece of history. Nothing more. 

I can't write a proper review for this because it means too much to me. 

Jake's getting married in May, and the future of the band is questionable. 

I wish I could go to the show. I wish I could see them play this record front to back because it's an amazing record. I hope you all think the same.

You can buy it HERE