Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Roman Candles @ Pehrspace 5.31.13

Roman Candles is playing a show at Pehrspace in los angeles on friday, and I'm really really excited about the line-up. You should plan on coming. This show is going to be a benefit to help fight against the public schools closing in Chicago. Please tell your friends. 

Click HERE for the facebook event. 

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Roman Candles show @ Bridgetown 5.28.31

Playing a last minute show at Bridgetown with Pat the Bunny, Bogsey and the Argonauts, Moon Bandits, and Andy Zambrano on Tuesday May 28th. Show Starts at 7:00 pm. $5 all ages. Click HERE for the facebook event. 

Pat had this to say on the Ramshackle Glory website:

"At the upcoming solo acoustic shows I will be playing a mix of Ramshackle Glory material and songs from a short solo album I put out recently called "The Mark Inside." I will not be performing Johnny Hobo or Wingnut Dishwashers Union songs at these shows, or at any other time.

Those songs represent a huge amount of suffering for myself and many of the people who cared about me the most during those years. I also do not feel represented by the lyrics to many of my old songs, which were written during a very different time in my life than where I am at now. For those reasons, among others, I am not willing to perform that material.

I know that not everyone who comes to a show is going to be aware of that, and that some people who know about it won't understand. Some people are still going to request the old songs, and I accept that as part of the deal in continuing to play music publicly. But I would still appreciate it if you didn't request those songs, whether my reasons make sense to you or not.

Thanks everyone. I'm looking forward to the shows. I haven't played solo in a long time. This is gonna be fun!

Pat, Ramshackle Glory"