Friday, January 30, 2015

Throat Culture Reviews Roman Candles and The Stowaways

Roman Candles - 'Yorba Linda' b/w 'Crystal Cathedral'

Wow! I am so thrilled for this to be a real thing. This is absolutely stunning. A great bonus to the LP for nerds like me. I have been wanting this! Next LP is already in the works it sounds like from the insert to this 7", what? Crazy pumped! Rock'n, pop punk, with a political agenda. Love this! Two songs to get you back to what matters, music! And people! Very neat liner notes too, as always with Roman Candles releases. And we get to see Nixon-Mouse again. Full-band versions may be better than the acoustic Roman Candles, who knows? I love both! The LP and this are so different yet the same. Take notice. (ALSO NOTE: The cover of the record has the End Poverty In California ( or E.P.I.C.) little logo, with a fruit fly I think it is. Yay Upton Sinclair! Yes to Christopher!)

Roman Candles - 'Riley versus Jason in The battle of gracious living' 

Wasn't even gonna mention this LP, but this shit is SO GOOD! And on the slight chance you haven't heard about it yet I would feel bad. Protest-feeling riot done on an acoustic guitar in a bedroom. Blows my little mind. Every song hits like a bag of bricks, could quote them all, but only the full songs do the lyrics justice. Comes with a mini-zine of the history of the band, change of lineups, and past shows. Lyrics! and photos! Get a feel for Yorba Linda, get this . . 

Plan-it-X / PO Box 2312 / Bloomington, IN 47402 / USA
(812) - 214 - 5520

The Stowaways - #15 / 8 1/2" x 11" / 18 pgs / b&w / $2! / trade?

Amazing show reviews, seriously, this guy goes to like every show, ever, and gives upfront, honest reviews, love it! Has a bit on this dumb ass kid wearing blackface and going as Trayvon Martin fro Halloween, to make things even more fucked, he has an Arizona ice tea and Skittles in tote. Where is the world at? An insighntful Elliot Babin interview, he's in DAD PUNCHERS, TOUCHE AMORE, and DNF. Very cool. Record / tape reviews to end things out, and a Pocketknife ad on the back, order their record, it rulez. Favorite part may be him talking about how the guy in RVIVR smells like shit. ". . . his sewer stench was probably more memorable than their set, which is bummer because they played great." Ha. Seek n' read. Send him your zines / records / tapes for review. Also: glad last issue wasn't the actual last issue. 

5082 Wendover Road / Yorba Linda, CA 92886 / usa

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Slingshot Reviews The Stowaways Issue #16

Slingshot reviewed issue #16 of The Stowaways.

The Stowaways Summer 2014 Yorba Linda
5082 Wendover Rd. Yorba Linda CA 92886

A chronicle of the punk scene with emphasis on people activated by the DIY side of it. It has up till now been covering the dispersed LA area. In this issue the editor has relocated to the Humboldt area of Northern California - and surprise surprise, there is a healthy and vibrant scene to be found there. The amount of shows each issue records is impressive. A bit more elaboration on the bands' sound and message could further the cause here. Also what makes this kind of journalism alive is vivid descriptions of the characters that populate the shows - which Stowaways could use more of. The zine is starting to look sharper since its early issues with large photos to spark the imagination. Also to keep you seated is interviews and reviews all of it done with care. 

Monday, January 12, 2015

Growing Up is Dumb

My friend Lucas made this documentary about growing up is dumb festival from last summer. I meant to post this months ago, but life has been busy.