Saturday, March 26, 2011

I Think We Should Stay Away From Each Other - Compilation

Aaron Kovacs, the drummer from summer vacation put out a pretty amazing compilation of songs. it's the first release on his label Lauren Records.

The tracklist is :

1. Merry Christmas - Teenage Jackie
2. Pangea - CIA
3. Fishboy - Duncan
4. Summer Vacation - Children Aren't The Answer
5. Jehovas Fitness - Welcome Back
6. Andrew Jackson Jihad - Sad Songs
7. The Underground Railroad to Candyland - Flush Twice and Leave
8. Shakes - Brain Damage
9. Big Kids - I am a Romantic Comedy Dude
10. Shang-A-Lang- Song Against Porches
11. Japanther - Our Day Will Come
12. Albert Square - I Wish I Was a Teenage Heartthrob
13. Joyce Manor- Famous Friend
14. Forming - Always

i think the big kids song is the best song they've written. i think the andrew jackson jihad song is fucking awful. i've heard new songs off the new ajj album, and so many of those songs are so good. i'm bummed they picked such a shitty song for this. i feel like they really fell short. i wish joyce manor had picked an unreleased song, but famous friend is great so no complaints. my favorite song on the comp. is forming's 'always'. i had never listened to them before, but this track stands out more than any other. the shakes song is really really catchy, and the merry christmas song is FUCKING GOOD. the underground railroad song is classic todd. the bands on this comp. speak for themselves. it's a great record. you need this. 200 black vinyl 100 red. comes with digital download. buy it here. listen to the whole thing here.

Friday, March 25, 2011

the henry clay people - winter song video

i can't wait for the new e.p., and i'm pretty sure this wasn't staged.

Monday, March 14, 2011

big wheel magazine reviews roman candles 7"

big wheel magazine/team goon is the coolest. thanks for the review.

This 4 piece band from Yorba Linda makes music that is a little bit indie sounding. It reminded me a little of very early and obscure Blink 182 recordings but more like Jawbreaker, but this is more basic and simple. They lyrics to “Whatever Happened to VBK” were pretty cool. It talks a little about memories, bands, and music from their past.
This is their first 7” after 3 demo tapes, and was put out by Young Foole Records and This Side That Side Records.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

matsuri, and calculator at the yellow room 3.12.11

the yellow room has become my favorite place for shows in the bay area. this was my first time seeing both matsuri and calculator. matsuri had three guitar players which gave them the coolest sound. a lot of the parts were really instrumental. they had two singers. i really liked it. they had really cool group vocals. everyone in the band was enjoying themselves, which made it a lot of fun. i would definitely see them again.

calculator was awesome. the lead singer was crowd surfing the whole set. so were other people. everyone seemed to know the words, and everyone was dancing and singing along for their whole set. people had smiles on the whole time it was great. musically they were great. the group vocals really do it for me. memorial was my favorite song of the set.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

razorcake reviews roman candles 7"

razorcake reviewed our 7". it's not actually in this issue though i just checked. i guess they don't print shitty reviews? but it's on the website. thanks juan.

“Whatever Happened to VBK?” b/w “More Man”: 7"
I don’t know what’s worse: the fact that a band so boring would actually aspire to one day “headline the Glass House.” Or that they actually thought pressing such attempts at indie punk to vinyl was a good idea. –Juan Espinosa (Young Foole / This Side That Side,

Saturday, March 5, 2011

mothercountry motherfucker, acid fast, and big kids @ the yellow room 3.4.11

this was the second time i went to a show at the yellow room. this show was a lot more crowded. the batteries in my camera were dead so no pictures sorry.

mothercountry motherfucker was really good rock n' roll, but for some reason they had the craziest intro. this dude with really long dread locks wearing a marijuana neckless and a gold dollar sign neckless in a green dress started lighting incense, sparklers, candles and began smoking weed. the smell was overwhelming, and i got super light headed. then he gave everyone an index card with a word on it and everyone started reading their words. it was super strange. there was also an overhead projector along with sound clips. the band themselves were wearing white worksuits and face masks. it was really strange, but really awesome. the music reminded me of hot snakes or rockets from the crypt.

acid fast was jason and jacob from big kids' new band. they had really good guy girl vocals. it reminded me of the kind of band you would have play your high school graduation party in a low budget 1990's film. they were perfect. i would definitely listen to them all the time if they had a record out. it was their first show.

big kids were great. they played new songs which sounded really good. people were crowd surfing in the room which is way too small of a room for that. but other than that they sounded great. one of my favorite bands for sure.