Tuesday, August 14, 2018

MRR #422, Razorcake #105 review Stowaways #17

MRR #422 and Razorcake #105 have reviewed issue # 17 of The Stowaways. I've still got a couple left. Send $2 to the address listed below. Please support both MRR and Razorcake and consider picking up the issues at the links above. 

The Stowaways #17
$2-3 / 20 pages
Pretty tight little read after the author took a few years off to join the Peace Corps in Colombia. Interviews with the band Post Life, trippy psych-core guitar wizard Calvin Jalandoni, and a few pages of live show reviews. I think I expected a bit more after a four year absence; tell me some wild as hell story of your weird ass time in fucking Peace Corps. It was a good read, though (DZ). 
960 E. Bonita Ave. Unit #120 / Pomona, CA, 91767

STOWAWAYS, THE #17, $2-$3, 5 1/2" x 8 1/2", copied, 18 pgs. 
The Stowaways is back after a four-year hiatus while Christopher finished college and did two years of service in the Peace Corps. This issue consists of show reviews and interviews, some of which he wrote before this stuff happened. Unfortunately, this comeback left something to be desired. The interviews were solid and in-depth, but the show reviews were a little bland in a "they were amazing" kind of way (and I'm not a big fan of show reviews as it is). I've enjoyed Christopher's writing in Razorcake and earlier issues of The Stowaways, but this one was a bit disappointing. -Craven Rock (The Stowaways, 960 E. Bonita Ave. Unit #120, Pomona, CA 91767)

Friday, July 20, 2018

Roman Candles "Can I Kiss You?" Record Release show + Tour

Roman Candles is putting out a new 14-song full length album titled "Can I Kiss You?" We're having a record release show in two weeks at Golden Beat Studios in Los Angeles with Pretty Flowers, Pinned in Place, and Layman. Event HERE. Then we're leaving for a quick tour up to northern California and back. 

08.04.18 @ 90.7 KALX Berkeley FM

Sunday, April 22, 2018

The Stowaways Issue #17

The Stowaways Issue #17 is out now. Calvin Jalandoni did the cover art. This was supposed to come out before I left for Colombia in 2014, but it didn't work out. So here we are with an interview of Calvin Jalandoni and Brianna Meli from Post Life. It's got show reviews and some photos. If you'd like one send me a message, and we'll figure something out. 

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Forced Order Interview in MRR 419

I interviewed FORCED ORDER for the new issue of Maximum Rocknroll. You can pick up a copy HERE