Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Razorcake reviews The Stowaways Issue 20


Razorcake reviwed Issue 20 of The Stowaways in their new Issue #138 of the zine. 

Another solid issue of The Stowaways, bittersweet because of the author Christopher Gyorgyovich’s imminent move to Budapest. As an often locally oriented zine, one has to wonder what’s next for The Stowaways. I know my publishing practice (if you can call it that) changed drastically when I moved the very short distance from my hometown to Minneapolis, let alone changing countries. And it really is the local bent that draws me into this zine; despite my geographical distance I’m quite sentimental for watching a microcosmic world unfold in this way. The bulk of this issue is made up of characteristically thoughtful interviews with Pendant, Cupid & Psyche, Object Of Affection, and Dennis Callaci, with a few show and record reviews to round things out. Bon voyage, Stowaways! –jimmy cooper (romancandlesmusic@gmail.com)

Razorcake Reviews Roman Candles "The Daily Reminder of My Failed Folk Career"

Razorcake reviwed Roman Candles new album "The Daily Reminder of my Failed Folk Career," in Issue 138 of the magazine. 

Roman Candles have a little bit of ragged, heart-on-sleeve Replacements rock energy, and a little of Roky Erickson’s wounded, longing spirit. In other words: power pop, dream rock, sweat, looseness, unabashed love. Traditional and occasionally devastating and very real. I like it. –Matt Werts (romancandles.bandcamp.com)