Saturday, March 24, 2012

zine update - inventory 4/30/12

issue one - sold out
included an interview with joey siara of the henry clay people
a tour diary with justin conway from tiny lungs
show reviews and record reviews

issue two-sold out*
included an interview with sean borhman of thee makeout party! / burger records
show reviews and record reviews

issue three - sold out
included interviews with loughton and summer vacation
show reviews, record reviews, and a letter section

issue four - five copies left
includes an interview with joyce manor
show reviews and record reviews

issue five - sold out
included an interview with creatures
a tour journal with jason schwartz from media blitz
show reviews, record reviews, and a letter section
(a few copies available online HERE)

issue six - twenty copies left**
includes an interview with sean solomon from moses campbell
show reviews, record reviews, a zine review, and a letter section

issue seven - out now - nine copies left**
includes an interview with merry christmas
show reviews, record reviews, zine reviews and a letter section

*free copies of issue two might still be available at burger records in fullerton
**free copies of issues six and seven might still be available at mass media records in santa ana 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Razorcake reviews the stowaways issues #3 and #4

Razorcake #67 April - May 2012
reviewed the stowaways issues three and four.

STOWAWAYS, THE #3, #4, $?,
11" x 8 1/2", 12 pgs. each.
Two issues here of a Southern California punk fanzine with a terrible, frustrating layout/binding. Multiple double-sided pieces of paper stacked on top of each other, then stapled a few times along the left side. So the pages rip out easily and a lot of the content that runs along the left edges gets bound to each other -- not so readable. In many ways, this zine has a lot of stuff going for it. THe semis-local focus here is a good way to ground a music-based fanzine and give it its own flavor. The editor clearly has a fair amount of steam under his ass (he mentions that the four issues out thus far came out this year). Mainly his efforts take the form of band interviews, here with Summer Vacation, Loughton, and Joyce Manor. The interviews have a nice, conversational feel to them, but the questions are pretty ho-hum. Like, separate band interviews that almost read as interchangeable. (So, you singed to this semi-big punk record label? What's that like? You like that label a lot, right?). It seems like this guy is capable of digging deeper into these bands, and could make for a very good interviewer, but as it stands I'm not compelled. -Dave Brainwreck
(The Stowaways, 5082 Wendover Road, Yorba Linda, CA 92886)

MRR reviews the stowaways issue #5

Maximum Rocknroll #347-APR-2012
reviewed the stowaways issue number five. pick up a copy.

THE STOWAWAYS #5 January 2012 / $1
8.5 X 11 - copied - 20 pgs
Complete with show and record reviews, Media Blitz tour journal, letter section, and an interview with Creatures. Christopher accepts tapes, records, and CD for review, so feel free to send them in. Show reviews consist of musings about how a band's "drum set really sucks" or a venue being "the lamest frat boy college bar." My recommendation would be to talk more about the music versus how dumb you think a band's a name is... but on the flip side, the music reviews are spot on. There is a heavy focus on mundane details like the aforementioned from the reviews, but the reviews give a clear picture of what a record will sound like. I undertand this zine is on the newer side, so keep it up. (AE) Amelia Eakins
Christopher Gordon / 5082 Wendover Road / Yorba Linda, CA 92886

Saturday, March 17, 2012

brown and blue - you only wanted strength video

Brown & Blue - You Only Wanted Strength from Ryan Baxley on Vimeo.

brown and blue just put out a 7" as apart of mountain man records single series.
here's their video for one of the songs on their single.