Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Razorcake reviews "Yorba Linda b/w Crystal Cathedral" 7"


Chris Gordon is not simply an angry punk who writes about what he sees on the news. This two-song seven inch is a testament to that. The short essay on the insert makes all the difference by not simply throwing music into the world expecting the listeners to interpret it correctly, but rather putting the effort to explain, “This is why I made this.” Gordon is honest; he pulls from his life experience admitting his disappointments with his hometown as well as the reluctance with which he leaves it. While the lyrics themselves—sung in strained pleads that were too lacking in definitive melody—did not stir radical feelings of rebellion in my chest, the context they were presented in won me over.  –Ashley (Self-released, fuckthestowaways.blogspot.com, romancandlesmusic@gmail.com)