Wednesday, July 27, 2011

a change is coming

in an attempt to get of the internet i am starting a fanzine with riley. when i started this blog, it was because i was living in berkeley, i couldn't do roman candles full time, and i needed a creative outlet. i would like to think that my writing has somewhat improved over the last year and a half of this blogs existence. therefore, i think that the stowaways zine will be a lot better.

initially i was just going to delete it, but then this kid josh schwartz sent me an email saying he read my blog, and asked if i would review his album. it made me reconsider deleting this thing. so from now on, it will most likely just exist to update friends on things i'm doing. but you should click the link and check out his second album wolf's lion. it's folky and good.

there have been about 10,000 page views in the year and a half this has been up. the most popular post was the book review of society verse by ross farrar. the second most popular was a show review of ceremony at gilman. so it's mostly just hardcore kids who look at this i guess?

we are only going to do a pressing of 100 copies for the first issue which will be out at the end of august. if you would like us to review your 7", cassette tape, cd or record feel free to mail to the address below. and if you would like a copy of the zine please send $2 of well concealed cash to:

the stowaways
5082 Wendover Road
Yorba Linda, CA 92886

thanks for your support -christopher

p.s. i made a bigcartel for roman candles:
buy tapes/records for cheap if that interests you

Monday, July 25, 2011

roman candles summer tour day 5: 7.24.11

woke up a few miles from the hoover dam. so we made the stop. then we went to in and out in vegas. then parked at excaliber. walked to fat tuesdays. drank. snuck into the excaliber pool. hung out until 5 pm. sat in bumper to bumper forever. got home at 2 am. unpacked at 2:30 am. asleep at 4 am. not really a tour day, but a last hurrah. overall: a lot of fun.

roman candles summer tour day 4: 7.23.11

woke up and drove all day to salt lake city, utah. the place was definitely the most beautiful stop on tour. we took the 80 west and drove through wyoming, which was cool. when we got to slc, we only had like twenty minutes before we had to be at the show, so we went to temple square and found space jesus. we played in midvale, ut at the underground that night with tk vanderbuilt, spobo and the sing-a-longs, and the fission breakers. drove through the night to nevada, and slept at this kid ross's house.

in colorado, or wyoming? not sure


the one and only

tk vanderbuilt
spobo and the sing-a-longs
the fission breakers: TERRITORY WARFARE

roman candles summer tour day 3: 7.22.11

woke up early. ate our continental breakfast. stopped at this place called treasure falls. drove to denver. went to casa bonita - the most exciting restaurant in the world. went to boulder, which was probably my favorite place of the tour. played at the astroland with a sense of porpoise, which was this really good folk/punk band, the manxx, and redvsblack. stayed at andrew's apartment, and had an awesome time. definitely the best show of tour.

treasure falls: legend "As the story goes... in the late 1700's, an expedition of 300 Frenchmen secretly entered the San Juan Mountains in search of gold in what was then Spanish Territory. Over a period of years, they faced disease, brutal winters, and battles with Ute Indians. Of the 300 Frenchmen, only two returned to Leavenworth, Kansas. They told an intriguing tail about how the leaders of the expedition had cached a fortune of gold near Treasure Mountain. Many have looked for the gold but have failed to locate the cache. Most of the clues have been destroyed or lost, and the lost French gold remains the Legend of Treasure Mountain."

the clouds look cool

casa bonita, ya it's real

cliff divers

black bart's cave

a sense of porpoise
the manxx

roman candles summer tour day 2: 7.21.11

our show got cancelled in new mexico, so we had the day off. we woke up really early, and headed for the grand canyon. we had to drive through flagstaff which was really pretty. there was a traffic jam on the highway because cowboys were herding cattle across it. everyone got out of cars to take pictures. the grand canyon was pretty unreal. i've never seen anything like it before. after that we drove to the four corners. it turns out they close at 8pm. we got there at 9. who knew? left the four corners and headed to colorado. the drive to colorado at night was amazing. there were so many stars. we stayed at an econo lodge in durango, co. i past out immediately. . . days off on tour are the best!
cattle herding

grand canyon

what's the risk/reward?

outside some gas station, az?

outside the four corners