Wednesday, July 6, 2011

loughton, pelican vision, and canyons @ the international coffee house 7.6.11

tonight's show was a really good surprise. i didn't know that this coffee house in brea would do anything other than acoustic shows, so i was stoked when i heard the line-up.

loughton played their second show. they played four songs again, but no cover. the last song was a newer one, and sounded really good. madison is a pretty awesome frontman. i can't wait until they write enough for a full set.

pelican vision has gotten a lot better. their new songs are the best things that jake brown has written. they just recorded a five song demo that sounds really good. i can't wait to see what they'll do next.

with me being away at school the last two years i have only seen canyons once, and when i saw them they were acoustic. so tonight was the first proper set i've seen them play. first of all. FUCK. their drummer is unbelievable. it's not very often that drummers stand out that much, but he is just soo good. i don't think they had the same organ player the last time i saw them. i really liked her. the songs sound great. jeremy has some indie star quality to him. it's just weird that they're playing coffee shops for free. they should be playing way bigger stages. i couldn't help but think . . . wow, they're a real band. they're really good. they're really fucking good. hopefully good things start happening for them. they're too good to go unnoticed. they blew me away. wow.

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