Monday, July 25, 2011

roman candles summer tour day 2: 7.21.11

our show got cancelled in new mexico, so we had the day off. we woke up really early, and headed for the grand canyon. we had to drive through flagstaff which was really pretty. there was a traffic jam on the highway because cowboys were herding cattle across it. everyone got out of cars to take pictures. the grand canyon was pretty unreal. i've never seen anything like it before. after that we drove to the four corners. it turns out they close at 8pm. we got there at 9. who knew? left the four corners and headed to colorado. the drive to colorado at night was amazing. there were so many stars. we stayed at an econo lodge in durango, co. i past out immediately. . . days off on tour are the best!
cattle herding

grand canyon

what's the risk/reward?

outside some gas station, az?

outside the four corners

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