Thursday, November 5, 2015

Civic Duty 2015 Demo

Civic Duty is a new hardcore band by way of Washington DC and Orange County. I imagine this will remain a pretty part-time band because of the distance between members, but I know they're playing America's Hardcore Festival in Boston coming up, and they'll be recording a 7" after that. This three song demo is punishing though. It's not very long, but each song has so many different parts to it that it feels like a full e.p. The first song "Burn Out" is the stand out track though just because of the way the drums move you. This song makes me wanna skateboard and come to terms with the idea of smashing my face into the pavement, losing some teeth, and bleeding everywhere. It's good music that makes you want to move. This is the first release on Suburban Fight Records, and was released alongside the second issue of the Suburban Fight Zine. It's sold out, but if it gets repressed I imagine it'll show up HERE