Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Razorcake Reviews Issue 19 of The Stowaways


Razorcake #129 reviewed Issue 19 of The Stowaways. 

STOWAWAYS, THE, #19, $3-$5, 5½” x 8½”, copied, 38 pgs.

This issue of The Stowaways, a long-running zine by Christopher Gyorgyovich, has been three years in the making, thanks to his life—like countless other lives—being derailed by the ongoing global pandemic. He attended the livestreamed funeral of an uncle who died from COVID, saw his hopes to start a new job in Budapest dashed, and struggled through an academic year teaching virtual and in-person classes to college students on a campus that was rolling back COVID precautions. “Making a zine provides some sense of normalcy in a time when there isn’t any,” says Gyorgyovich in his intro to Issue 19. “I feel like I can control this when I can’t control anything else.” In this issue of The Stowaways are interviews with local musicians in Los Angeles, plus show reviews (some nearly five years old). This issue, the first since the August 2019 issue, wraps up with book and film reviews. –Gina Murrell (The Stowaways, 960 E. Bonita Ave. Unit #120, Pomona, CA 91767)

Wednesday, July 6, 2022

The Stowaways Issue 20 Out Now


The Stowaways Issue 20 is out now. It features Interviews with Chris Adams from Pendant, Michael Vidal and Juan Velasquez from Cupid & Pysche. It also features interviews with Madison Woodward and Colin Knight from Object of Affection and Dennis Callaci from Shrimper Records and Refrigerator. I'm really happy with the way this issue came together. Barbara did the cover art for this one in honor of the Allen Theatre in her hometown of South Gate, CA. Send me an email if you'd like a copy romancandlesmusic(at)gmail(dot)com. 

Saturday, March 26, 2022

The Stowaways Issue #19 Out Now


The Stowaways Issue #19 is out now. I've got interviews with Jeremy Leasure, who did the cover art talking about his band New Balance. I've also got interviews with Lauren Freeman from Varsity Cheerleader and Upset, and Noah Green from The Pretty Flowers. It's also got some show reviews form the before times, as well as a book review and a film review.  You can order a copy by sending $2.00 to 960 E. Bonita Ave. Unit #69 Pomona, CA 91767-2013. 

Monday, June 14, 2021

MRR Reviews Listen Up!

 Maximum Rocknroll reviewed The Stowaways Presents: Listen Up! A Benefit For Democracy Now!

Check out the review below, and consider purchasing a copy over on the bandcamp or in store in Fullerton at Programme Skate and Sound or in Long Beach at Fingerprints.

V/AThe Stowaways Presents: Listen Up! A Benefit For Democracy Now! LP

Fifteen-band collection of catchy punk/indie/alt to benefit, as the title suggests, a public radio news program. The only artist I was familiar with was the FYP dude (yo, Todd—I’m still down to look after Boris if anything nasty happens), but I got turned on to loads of new shits. JASON ANDERSON wrote a straight commercial pop hit in “Buzzin,” PASTEURIZED MILK and RX are both minimal and addictive, LAYMAN and POST LIFE are favorites as well—the record cruises along between lo-fi indie and shoegaze and would-be mainstream songwriters with ease. All put together by a schoolteacher and zinester who uses independent reporting and media in the classroom to (hopefully) help a new generation of non-shitty humans find their collective voice/s, with art from Sophia Zarders, liner notes from Donna Ramone, and an issue of The Stowaways masquerading as a lyrics booklet. Thumbs up.

Monday, May 24, 2021

Razorcake Issue #122 Reviews Listen Up!


Razorcake Issue #122 reviewed The Stowaways Presents: Listen Up! A Benefit For Democracy Now!

VARIOUS ARTISTS: Listen Up!: A Benefit for Democracy Now!: LP

This is the kind of bridging I like to see! A convergence of some of my favorite writers, artists, and musicians in independent/punk/DIY/anti-commercial/whatever     showing their appreciation for my favorite independent news outlet! Chris of The Stowaways and Roman Candles has spearheaded this project and the final product exceeds all expectations. With art by Sophia Zarders, an intro by Donna Ramone, and musical contributions by Todd C., Pretty Flowers, Albert Square, Layman, Tom Grrrl, and a dozen more, how could you not love it!? Even if this benefit comp generates zero income for DN!, as merely a listener who had nothing to do with this release, I like to look at this comp as a thank you and a happy 25th birthday from DIY to all the bad asses at Democracy Now! who every twenty-four hours churn out another epic hour of the best reporting you'll find. Can we call volume two The Gwar and Peace Report? - Daryl (The Stowaways)


Click HERE to purchase a copy of the record

Saturday, May 8, 2021

The Stowaways Presents: Listen Up! A Benefit For Democracy Now!


I have been working on this comp for about nine/ten months. I'm happy to be able to share it with everyone. It's a benefit for Democracy Now! with all the proceeds going to them. It's got a nice mix of bands that I've interviewed, written show review, and / or record reviews for over the last ten years.

You can listen to the comp HERE.  

The pressing info for the vinyl is:

87 Yellow

97 Red

113 Green

5 Test Presses

1 Reference Lacquer. 

Artwork is by Sophia Zarders

The record has a full color gatefold jackets with an essay written by Donna Ramone on the inside of the gatefold, and each record comes with a zine. The zine has a page designed by each band and artist that contributed to the comp. I really love the way this whole thing came out, and I'm so happy for you to hear it. 

You can also pick it up locally at Programme Skate and Sound in Fullerton and Fingerprints in Long Beach. 

Sunday, May 10, 2020


I put up all the Roman Candles records on bandcamp that I have including test presses. Everything is name your own price starting at $1.00. Barbara and I were supposed to move to Budapest this summer before the shelter in place / stay at home orders were put into effect. It seems less and less likely that that will happen. While I was originally hoping to get rid of some of this stock before we left, it would still be nice to get people these records if they wanted them regardless of whether we end up going. So if you're interested you can check everything out HERE or at