Saturday, September 22, 2012

Jerk Store #11 reviews Roman Candles 7" / Stowaways 4,5,6 & 7

Roman Candles – Whatever Happened to Vallejo By Knife? 7”
Nice two-tracker of what I would loosely describe as acoustic punk with drums, the kind you might well expect fans of PLAN-IT-X or the Valiant Death distro (as it was) to be into. That’s not to say it’s poorly recorded or insufferably twee (as some of that scene’s stuff can tend towards), but you get my drift. It’s just a shame there’s only two songs here, each side is over too quickly. YOUNG FOOL / THIS SIDE THAT SIDE

Stowaways, The - #4, 5, 6, 7, A4 – 12 pgs
Got sent a whole wad of these at once, which is good for seeing how the ‘zine progresses (or doesn’t) issue to issue. Chris the editor seems to be putting these things out monthly, which would explain the ultra basic non-layouts and barely used capital letters, haha. Maybe four weeks just isn’t long enough to make a decent looking ‘zine? Each issue has some record reviews, live reviews, and an interview or two. More like a scene newsletter I suppose. Funny to read how in love with JOYCE MANOR this guy is, I guess that’s why in his review of Jerk Store he complained that my JOYCE MANOR interview was crap and I shouldn’t have bothered printing it. Well no shit, I ran it to make them look stupid for giving up halfway through. Guess that failed then! Anyway, a little more time spent in formatting and spellchecking would go a long way to making this thing more readable. Not to mention typing up tour reports rather than scanning in the pages of someone’s notebook. It might save time at your end dude, but trying to decipher what looks kinda like the scribblings of a retard made me not want to read past the first line. Aside from all this, it’s interesting to read a ‘zine that offers such a regular snapshot into a person’s perceptions of a scene and music. Just needs more “computers” and “tiny print”, haha. 5082 Wendover Rd, Yorba Linda, ca 92886 US

Friday, September 21, 2012

Razorcake Reviews Roman Candles "This One's For Terminal Boredom"

Razorcake reviewed the most recent Roman Candles tape "This One's For Terminal Boredom"
I still have a few copies left. if you're interested, just email me romancandlesmusic(at)gmail(dot)com

There’s a classic scene in the movie Animal House where John Belushi’s Bluto character comes across a young man at a toga party earnestly strumming away on an acoustic guitar to a group of enthralled co-eds. In a fit of pique our hero grabs the guitar and promptly smashes it to pieces. Besides being one of my favorite movie moments, this guitar killing is the feeling that overcomes me while listening to this cassette. Seven songs of Townes Van Zandt depression channeled through Rodney Anonymous of The Dead Milkmen vocals. I thought perhaps lyrics like “I want to star in an Airplane movie” signaled some humor; after all who wouldn’t want to star in a movie with the late, great Leslie Nielsen? But alas no, our bard wants to star in a movie played on an airplane, which no one in fact watches. This is someone’s creative effort written self-admittedly during or right after college amidst a bout of depression. If poorly recorded acoustic ballads of sadness, love, and loss are your thing, this might just be right up your alley. –Mark Twistworthy (Roman Candles, Self-released)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Roman Candles Record Release Show

I have a new 7" coming out. It's a two song 45. Gracious Living b/w Yellow Smile. 100 pressed on clear red vinyl. 10 test presses. I'm really stoked. I got some friends to play the show. It's free, but please bring some money for tooth soup. they're on tour from bloomington indiana. it's chris clavin's new band (plan-it-x records). come one come all. all ages 9pm

Burger Records
645 South State College Boulevard
Fullerton, California 92831 

The 7"s are in. I'm stoked on the way they turned out. They will be available at the show. See ya there. 

Monday, September 3, 2012

Merry Christmas September 2012 Fan of the Month!

I would just like to take this moment to say that it's a real honor and a privilege to be awarded the MERRY CHRISTMAS FAN OF THE MONTH award for September 2012.

They have a new album out. You can buy it HERE.