Saturday, December 28, 2013

Roman Candles show @ Dawghouse w/ Dogbreth and Bad Kids

I'm playing a house show in San Diego on Monday December 30th with Dogbreth and Bad Kids.
I'm excited. I don't get down to SD as much as I wish I did. 
It's an early show starts at 4:30. 
I'm pumped to play with Dogbreath they just put out a new LP on plan-it-x that you can listen to HERE

The address is

3373 1/2 Chamoune Ave. San Diego, CA 92105

Facebook event below

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Roman Candles show @ Bridgetown December 26

Hey Everyone. I finished my first semester of grad school today, and I'm coming home on Friday for a month. I've got some shows booked, the first of which will be at bridgetown with Dream Caste, Nayru, Meryl Streaker, and Perpetual Motion Machine on December 26. I'm really pumped.

Click HERE for the facebook event.
Dream Caste will have their new tape, "A Calmer Room," listen HERE.

I'm also playing with Benny the Jet, Dogbreth and Moonbandits at VLHS on Jan 6.
click HERE for facebook event.

that's all for now. i'm excited to come home. see you soon. kisses

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Favorite Records of the Year 2013

1. White Night - Prophets of Templum cdxx (Recess)
2. Wild Moth - Over Again (Asian Man)
3. Hello Shark - HS (Burst and Bloom)
4. The Exquisites - S/T (Asian Man)
5. Happy Hollows - Amethyst (Self Released?)
6. No Age - An Object (Sub Pop)
7. Rival Mob - Mob Justice (Revelation)
8. Colossal Wrecks -Waste The Moments (Mountain Man / Lauren)
9. Watercolor Paintings - When You Move (Plan-It-X)
10. The Lovely Bad Things - The Late Great Whatever (Volcom)
11. Benny The Jet Rodriguez - Home Run (Recess)
12. Audacity - Butter Knife (Suicide Squeeze)
13. Calculator - This Will Come to Pass (Self Released)
14. Radiator Hospital - Something Wild (Salinas)
15. Leer - Spring Break No Parents (Lauren)
16. Moses Campbell - Expectations (Big Joy)
17. Dad Punchers - S/T (Sea  Legs)
18. Garrett Walters - I Call My Younger Sister Twice A Day (Plan-It-X)
19. Spokenest - We Move (Self Released)
20. Crystal Antlers - Nothing Is Real (Innovative Leisure)
21. Arcade Fire - Reflektor (Merge)
22. Hoax - S/T (Self Released)
23. Lemuria -The Distance Is So Big (Bridge 9)
24. Waxahatchee - Cerulean Salt (Don Giovanni)
25. Ghost Mice / Ramshackle Glory (split) - Shelter (Plan-It-X)

Desaparecidos - Te Amo Camila Vallejo / Underground Man
Desaparecidos - Anonymous / The Left Is Right

Tongue - Body + Mind
Dad Punchers / Exquisites (split)
Summer Vacation / Glocca Mora (split)
Dad Punchers - These Times Weren't Made For You
Mynx - s/t
Mynx - Frozen Tide
Heathers - Teenage Clothes
Cat Party- A Thousand Shades of Grey
Black Sparrow Press - Fever Shakes
Fugue - Solitude / Traffic 

Demo Tapes:
Bedhed / Merry Christmas (split)
Fugue - s/t
Loughton - Cheap Shot
Layman- s/t
Palm Reader - Unlucky
Pocketknife - s/t
Michael Vidal - Dream Center
Canyons - s/t
Tobias Funke - Read More
Carte de Visite - We Live, We Grow, We Change

Two tapes making last minute releases that i haven't listened to are Dream Caste and Roses, I'll get those when I get home. 

New Zine coming soon I did an interview with Elliot from Dad Punchers back in October, so keep on the lookout for that. 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

razorcake reviews the stowaways issue #14

razorcake reviewed the stowaways issue #14 

i've still got copies of it if you want one

The Stowaways is a slapdash xeroxed document that embodies the urgency and variety of Southern California’s DIY punk scene. For all its aesthetic blemishes (which somehow enhances the earnestness), Chris Gordon’s refreshingly self-assured voice and proudly anti-revisionist stream-of-consciousness format ensures that each issue is a home run. The show reviews might be fascinating only to California residents or those interested in the diary-like minutia of people watching, but there are many worthy humorous observations such as: “The lead singer looked like the dirtiest fucking sewer rat....He literally looked like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ character.” With every new issue, I am reminded of the DIY community’s open-mindedness by the growth of The Stowaways’ letter column. I am also reminded of Field of Dreams: “If you build it, they will come.” –Sean Arenas (Chris Gordon, 5802 Wendover Rd., Yorba Linda,CA92886,

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Terminal Boredom reviews Riley Versus Jason In The Battle Of Gracious Living

Roman Candles "Riley Versus Jason In The Battle of Gracious Living" LP
I'll begin by saying thanks to Chris of Roman Candles for sending us all the tapes and singles over the years, despite the fact that I think his music is awful and have consistently said so. Despite the fact that the music he plays is some of the most unappealing stuff I've ever heard, Chris has somehow decided to continue to send records in, which I think he does just as a goof at this point. I mean, it's not like this "band" is getting any better or I'm going to start liking this crap all of a sudden. I'm not sure how he even got to Termbo in the first place, as I think he likes "Termbo music" probably about as much as I like his. Anyway, whatever the reason is that Termbo became a footnote in his band's story I'll never know, but I'm happpy for him, as this LP is on Plan-It-X Records, which I think was pretty much his dream label when he started sending me tapes years ago. You made it buddy. Congrats. The record still sucks. For your reference, Roman Candles are from Yorba Linda and play some of the most awful whining and confessional-zine style bullshit folk-punk. This record seems to be all acoustic, so at least he put away his fucking accordion. Just awful. Chris also does a zine called The Stowaways, wherein he whines about being a well-to-do college graduate from the suburbs and interviews bands I have never heard of - really, his zine is about as good as his music, but I'll hesitantly give him points for trying. Maybe not. (RK)
(Plan-It-X Records //

Read it HERE

Monday, October 28, 2013

Razorcake reviews The Stowaways Issue #13

razorcake reviewed the stowaways issue 13

Stowaways, The #13
$2 Stamps or Trade, 8 1/2" X 11", photocopied, 34 pgs. 

Christopher, who does pretty much all (if not all) of The Stowaways is posi. That’s the opposite of a dig. He’s always going to shows, isn’t locked in a micro-scene, always has something interesting to say, and loves music that’s being created and played today. I figure he must drive hundreds of miles every couple of weeks just to feed his music addiction. That’s wholly admirable. His enthusiasm is infectious and the greater L.A. County area, if it knows it or not, owes him a small debt of gratitude for documenting live music with his live show reviews, interviews, and record reviews. The layout’s simple and bare. The photos are often dark and blown-out, but I don’t care. Why shit on someone whose heart and joy obviously shines through all those petty mechanical details? (Todd Taylor)

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Maximum Rocknroll reviews The Stowaways Issue #14

Maximum Rocknroll issue #365 reviewed  The Stowaways issue #14.
I still have some copies available. If you're interested email me at

8.5 x 11 - copied - 12 pgs
This is a single-contributor cut-n-paste fanzine out of Yorba Linda, CA that focuses mostly on reviews of pop-punk shows in southern California as well as a sprinkling of book, record, and zine reviews and friendly-style interviews. Sincere and coming from someone who is clearly invested in promoting and supporting local bands, this zine is a good window into a world of DIY often looked over by a lot of punks including myself. If you're like Chris and are into Plan-It-X-style jams, hunt this guy down and send him a dollar! (FF)

Friday, September 20, 2013

Razorcake reviews Riley Versus Jason in the Battle of Gracious Living

Razorcake reviewed Roman Candles' Riley Versus Jason in the Battle of Gracious Living

It's in the new issue available HERE

Sincerity is difficult to measure, but, when it is heard, it’s a statement more powerful than any back patch, denim jacket, or neon pink mohawk. Chris Gordon, aided only by his acoustic guitar, oozes earnestness on every track of his first full length—appropriately released by Plan-It-X. The album was wisely recorded in one sitting and the raw urgency of each song is driven by Gordon’s spastic and melodic voice that is often painfully sympathetic. It would be an oversimplification to call it folk punk—as he never dabbles in gruff Tom Gabel impersonations, and it’d be too easy to compare him to other Plan-It-X songwriters like Paul Baribeau or Chris Clavin—because Gordon possesses a wide range of vocal hooks. Furthermore, Gordon’s lyrics aren’t ambiguous or riddled with cryptic metaphors. Given that he resides in sunny and conservative Yorba Linda, CA, the songs are all rooted in a sense of place. He is critical of his hometown and of how he has spent his time in the Land of Gracious Living. Gordon sings about Yorba Linda being the birthplace of Richard Milhous Nixon, the home of a million damn Mormons, and a place of complacent, wealthy youth, yet it is also the location of an admirable group of friends and musicians. The album is as much a personal history as it is a testament to a cardinal principle: Even if your hometown is a hellhole, it doesn’t mean you have to become an asshole. Chris Gordon is living proof of punk perseverance overcoming ignorant adversity. The LP includes a zine that provides an extensive history of Roman Candles and lyric explanations. –Sean Arenas (Plan-It-X,,

Listen to 'Riley Vs. Jason' in a razorcake podcast HERE

Buy the Record from Plan-it-X, No Idea, Interpunk, Lauren Records, Mountain Man Records, Digital, And Most Independent Records stores in Southern California 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Riley Versus Jason In The Battle Of Gracious Living

Roman Candles 'riley versus jason in the battle of gracious living'

now available from most southern california independent record stores. please support your local record stores


Vinyl Solution
18822 Beach Blvd, Huntington Beach, CA 92648 (714) 963-1819 

18948 Brookhurst St, Fountain Valley, CA 92708 (714) 962-0500 

Burger Records
645 S State College Blvd, Fullerton, CA 92831 (714) 336-0561

Bionic Records
6012 Ball Rd, Buena Park, CA 90620(714) 828-4225

Radiation Records
1501 N Raymond Ave, Anaheim, CA 92801 (714) 400-0019

Mass Media Records
614 E 4th St, Santa Ana, CA 92701 (714) 564-9115


420 E 4th St, Long Beach, CA 90802 (562) 433-4996

Origami Vinyl
1816 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026 (213) 413-3030

Lollipop Records
1176 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026 (949) 280-6580

Vacation Vinyl
3815 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026 (323) 666-2111

Amoeba Hollywood
6400 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028 (323) 245-6400

Headline Records
7706 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036 (323) 655-2125

Permanent Records
1583 Colorado Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90041 (323) 739-6141


Lou's Record Store
434 N Coast Highway 101, Encinitas, CA 92024 (760) 753-1382

M Theory
915 W Washington St, San Diego, CA 92103 (619) 220-0485

Taang Reords
3830 5th Ave, San Diego, CA 92103 (619) 296-4015

Standards Record Store
216 E Broadway, Vista, CA 92084 (760) 650-5659


Dr. Strange Records
7136 Amethyst Ave, Alta Loma, CA 91701 (909) 944-1778

It's also available 


Plan-It-X Records (orange vinyl)

Mountain Man Records (orange vinyl)

Lauren Records (orange vinyl)

Digital Copies 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Terminal Boredom reviews Roman Candles Gracious Living 7"

Terminal Boredom reviewed the most recent Roman Candles 7"
For copies of the 7" click HERE

My old pals from Yorba Linda, the Roman Candles, return with their second 7" and it's their best record so far. It's not a good record at all, but it's still their best. I shouldn't say it's not good, it's just something I have zero interest in. Think Plan-it-X styled folk punk with some pop-punk mixed in. Two horrible tastes that taste horrible together. The slightly sloppy and DIY recording adds a bit of charm and the squeaky guitar part on the B-Side is a nice touch, but this is nothing I want to hear. The autobiographical lyrics about being bummed you're not in high school anymore, the difficult life of a suburban punk and going to Berkeley remind me of those "personal" zines that seem to be popular on the West Coast (hippies) that should all be burned. Richard Nixon would hate this band, and I believe in Tricky Dick. Red vinyl.(RK)(Vallejo By Knife //

Monday, July 15, 2013

The Stowaways Issue #14 Out Now

The Stowaways Issue #14 Out Now. This issue has show reviews, record reviews, zine reviews, a book review, a letter section, and a long form interview with Michael Ryan Reinhart who has played in bands Bronco Tatonka, Table Fruit, Bobby Nobbit, Feeding People and Gap Dream. Michael drew the cover art for the new issue of the stowaways as well as for the new roman candles lp. 

If you'd like to order a copy please send $2 of well concealed cash to 

the stowaways
5082 Wendover Road
Yorba Linda, CA 92886

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

OC Weekly on Riley Vs Jason

OC Weekly wrote a little piece on the new roman candles album. The editor titled the article Roman Candles Uses His Debut Album to Shit on Richard Nixon, and although that's kind of funny, he clearly missed the point. "We were raised in Gracious Living, me and my friends and Richard Nixon" is not exactly shitting on anyone. Either way you can click the link to read. 

You can now buy it online from the Mountain Man Records distro HERE
Lauren Records Distro HERE

Or from Mass Media Records in Santa Ana 
614 E 4th St, Santa Ana, CA 92701 (714) 564-9115

I'll be getting it out to more shops in the next week or so. 

Monday, July 8, 2013

Maximum Rocknroll Yorba Linda Scene Report

I wrote a scene report for Maximum Rocknroll  on Yorba Linda, and most of the bands that we've got going on right now. The new issue just came out, and I'm super excited to read through the whole thing. A few of the Yorba Linda bands are playing a release show for the new issue at Mass Media Records in Santa Ana on Tuesday.  I was under the impression that Mass Media carried Maximum Rocknroll, which is why we decided to have the show there, but they don't so I'm going to try to buy some wholesale and have them at the show for us. If I can't track any down feel free to pick one up online at the MRR link at the top. click HERE for the facebook event. 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Riley Versus Jason In The Battle Of Gracious Living

Roman Candles is putting out their first full length. It's called Riley Versus Jason In The Battle of Gracious Living. You can listen to a couple of songs on the player to the right, or click HEREPlan-It-X Records is going to help release it, and I'm having a record release show this sunday at bridgetown in la puente. Carte de Visite is also playing. They're on tour from Belleville, Illinois. In addition Merry Christmas,  Summer Vacation and Elliot will be doing an acoustic Dad Punchers set as well. It should be a great night. It's also kind of a going away party for me seeing that I'll be moving up to Humboldt in a couple of weeks to start school in the fall. I hope you can make it. HERE's the facebook event. Flyer below

Pressing Info: 10 Test Presses, 30 on Orange Marble, 270 Black

Monday, July 1, 2013

Growing Up Is Dumb Review

My friend lucas, who plays in tobias funke and puts out the dumb rock zine started interning at oc weekly this summer. he wrote a review of the first night of the Growing Up is Dumb fest this past weekend. You can check it out HERE.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Roman Candles @ House show w/ Calculator and William Bonney

I'm playing a house show with Calculator and William Bonney tomorrow night in Westchester. Email me if you need the address. HERE's a facebook event.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Roman Candles @ Growing Up is Dumb Fest

I'm playing the first night of the growing up is dumb fest at the vlhs on friday june 28 with calculator, tongue, la bella and adventures. It should be great. $6. all ages. 9pm.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Roman Candles @ The Che Cafe 6.18.13

Roman Candles is playing a show at the Che Cafe on Tuesday June 18 with friends in Tough Stuff as well as Haruka, Jara, and Telephone Projects. Click HERE for the facebook event. 

Monday, June 10, 2013

Roman Candles on 88.9 KUCI "Barbara Bush's Bathtime Breakdown" June 16, 2013 10:00 a.m.

I'm playing a set on Sunday Morning on "Barbara Bush's Bathtime Breakdown" show. Tune into 88.9 FM KUCI to listen in.

Or feel free to listen live at

I'm super excited. This will be my first time playing on the radio! So pumped!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Roman Candles @ Programme 6.10.13

I'm playing a show at Programme in Fullerton with Kepi Ghoulie and Dog Party. 
The address is 2495 E. Chapman Ave. Fullerton, CA 92831. 

I play at 8 pm. It's $2. 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Slingshot reviews The Stowaways Issue 13

Slingshot Issue #113 Reviewed the most recent issue of the stowaways. unfortunately the issue they reviewed is already sold out. new issue of the stowaways coming soon. 

Stowaways#13 $2+postage
5082 Wendover Rd.
Yorba Linda, CA 92886
This large size zine is packed with a shit ton of info on the underground music scene around L.A. One person seems to be doing all the work. The editor Chris is tirelessly here logging dozens of shows, reviewing new releases and interviewing a couple bands. The writing quality is akin to radio news in that it gives just the barest details of an event then its off relating accounts of the next event. For someone not familiar with the region or the music scene it might hurt your head to read. This particular issue aids in that endeavor by displaying several obvious typos--but perhaps it was a rush job to have it in people's hands by the recent L.A. zine fest. There's not much in the way of graphics with just a few photos and lots of open space. But when I read Stowaway a little more closely I did appreciate the writer's passion for his subject. Through his perspective one can start to see a community existing in a place where most radicals throw away as being populated by materialistic plastic people that is dominated by car culture.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Roman Candles @ Pehrspace 5.31.13

Roman Candles is playing a show at Pehrspace in los angeles on friday, and I'm really really excited about the line-up. You should plan on coming. This show is going to be a benefit to help fight against the public schools closing in Chicago. Please tell your friends. 

Click HERE for the facebook event. 

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Roman Candles show @ Bridgetown 5.28.31

Playing a last minute show at Bridgetown with Pat the Bunny, Bogsey and the Argonauts, Moon Bandits, and Andy Zambrano on Tuesday May 28th. Show Starts at 7:00 pm. $5 all ages. Click HERE for the facebook event. 

Pat had this to say on the Ramshackle Glory website:

"At the upcoming solo acoustic shows I will be playing a mix of Ramshackle Glory material and songs from a short solo album I put out recently called "The Mark Inside." I will not be performing Johnny Hobo or Wingnut Dishwashers Union songs at these shows, or at any other time.

Those songs represent a huge amount of suffering for myself and many of the people who cared about me the most during those years. I also do not feel represented by the lyrics to many of my old songs, which were written during a very different time in my life than where I am at now. For those reasons, among others, I am not willing to perform that material.

I know that not everyone who comes to a show is going to be aware of that, and that some people who know about it won't understand. Some people are still going to request the old songs, and I accept that as part of the deal in continuing to play music publicly. But I would still appreciate it if you didn't request those songs, whether my reasons make sense to you or not.

Thanks everyone. I'm looking forward to the shows. I haven't played solo in a long time. This is gonna be fun!

Pat, Ramshackle Glory"

Monday, April 22, 2013

Roman Candles @ Chain Reaction 4.30.13

I'm playing a short roman candles set at chain reaction with joyce manor, summer vacation, merry christmas and colossal rex on tuesday april 30th. you can buy tickets HERE. they are almost sold out.

Your Heart Breaks

This song makes me really excited for it to be spring, and for school to almost be over and for summer to come. 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

MRR reviews Roman Candles Gracious Living 7"

Maximum Rocknroll #360 - MAY - 2013
reviewed Roman Candles 'Gracious Living' 7"

THE ROMAN CANDLES - "Gracious Living / Yellow Smile"
A couple songs that exist somewhere between the folk punk of Plan-it-X style jams and the pop punk of a band like ONION FLAVORED RINGS. These are unpretentious straightforward songs written by a college kid ostensibly about post high school malaise and dead friends, but are more accurately about being young and feeling disenfranchised (P$) (Vallejo By Knife)

if you'd like a copy send $5 of well concealed cash to
roman candles
5082 wendover road
yorba linda, ca 92886

MRR reviews the Stowaways Issue 13

Maximum Rocknroll #360 - MAY - 2013 
reviewed The Stowaways issue # 13

THE STOWAWAYS #13  / $2 or trade, stamps OK
8.5 X 11 - copied - 34 pgs
An unremarkable and very personal music zine that seems to cover the kinds of bands (hardcore, punk and otherwise) that play fests with mid-level indie rock bands, plus whatever more DIY bands he may hope to catch. The zine starts with show reviews that manage to spill a lot of words while not really saying much: long on trivial information and unarticulated personal thoughts, but short on interesting description. Following the show reviews are two very bland and banal interviews with the Lovely Bad Things and Fugue, whom he introduces by mentioning that members of each band were schoolmates of his. Some record and zine reviews close out this zine, which like the show reviews, have plenty of raving and unnecessary personal details ("I won this record from a radio station!"), but offer little commentary about why the records and zines are good or bad, with the last two pages being reproductions of hand-written fan letters. The layout is next to nonexistent and the photos are pieces of high-contrast crap. (DG) c/o Chris Gordon / 5082 Wendover Rd / Yorba Linda, CA 928886

* I'm down to my last few copies of issue 13. They will be gone by the end of the weekend. If you'd like one email me. 

Saturday, April 6, 2013

roman candles show @ vlhs 4.17.13

i'm playing a show with the exquisites, wild moth, summer vacation, and colossal rex @ vlhs on april 17. i'm pretty excited for this one. 

click HERE for the facebook event.