Monday, October 28, 2013

Razorcake reviews The Stowaways Issue #13

razorcake reviewed the stowaways issue 13

Stowaways, The #13
$2 Stamps or Trade, 8 1/2" X 11", photocopied, 34 pgs. 

Christopher, who does pretty much all (if not all) of The Stowaways is posi. That’s the opposite of a dig. He’s always going to shows, isn’t locked in a micro-scene, always has something interesting to say, and loves music that’s being created and played today. I figure he must drive hundreds of miles every couple of weeks just to feed his music addiction. That’s wholly admirable. His enthusiasm is infectious and the greater L.A. County area, if it knows it or not, owes him a small debt of gratitude for documenting live music with his live show reviews, interviews, and record reviews. The layout’s simple and bare. The photos are often dark and blown-out, but I don’t care. Why shit on someone whose heart and joy obviously shines through all those petty mechanical details? (Todd Taylor)

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