Sunday, June 2, 2013

Slingshot reviews The Stowaways Issue 13

Slingshot Issue #113 Reviewed the most recent issue of the stowaways. unfortunately the issue they reviewed is already sold out. new issue of the stowaways coming soon. 

Stowaways#13 $2+postage
5082 Wendover Rd.
Yorba Linda, CA 92886
This large size zine is packed with a shit ton of info on the underground music scene around L.A. One person seems to be doing all the work. The editor Chris is tirelessly here logging dozens of shows, reviewing new releases and interviewing a couple bands. The writing quality is akin to radio news in that it gives just the barest details of an event then its off relating accounts of the next event. For someone not familiar with the region or the music scene it might hurt your head to read. This particular issue aids in that endeavor by displaying several obvious typos--but perhaps it was a rush job to have it in people's hands by the recent L.A. zine fest. There's not much in the way of graphics with just a few photos and lots of open space. But when I read Stowaway a little more closely I did appreciate the writer's passion for his subject. Through his perspective one can start to see a community existing in a place where most radicals throw away as being populated by materialistic plastic people that is dominated by car culture.

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