Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Terminal Boredom reviews Roman Candles Gracious Living 7"

Terminal Boredom reviewed the most recent Roman Candles 7"
For copies of the 7" click HERE

My old pals from Yorba Linda, the Roman Candles, return with their second 7" and it's their best record so far. It's not a good record at all, but it's still their best. I shouldn't say it's not good, it's just something I have zero interest in. Think Plan-it-X styled folk punk with some pop-punk mixed in. Two horrible tastes that taste horrible together. The slightly sloppy and DIY recording adds a bit of charm and the squeaky guitar part on the B-Side is a nice touch, but this is nothing I want to hear. The autobiographical lyrics about being bummed you're not in high school anymore, the difficult life of a suburban punk and going to Berkeley remind me of those "personal" zines that seem to be popular on the West Coast (hippies) that should all be burned. Richard Nixon would hate this band, and I believe in Tricky Dick. Red vinyl.(RK)(Vallejo By Knife // romancandlesmusic.bigcartel.com)

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