Wednesday, July 27, 2011

a change is coming

in an attempt to get of the internet i am starting a fanzine with riley. when i started this blog, it was because i was living in berkeley, i couldn't do roman candles full time, and i needed a creative outlet. i would like to think that my writing has somewhat improved over the last year and a half of this blogs existence. therefore, i think that the stowaways zine will be a lot better.

initially i was just going to delete it, but then this kid josh schwartz sent me an email saying he read my blog, and asked if i would review his album. it made me reconsider deleting this thing. so from now on, it will most likely just exist to update friends on things i'm doing. but you should click the link and check out his second album wolf's lion. it's folky and good.

there have been about 10,000 page views in the year and a half this has been up. the most popular post was the book review of society verse by ross farrar. the second most popular was a show review of ceremony at gilman. so it's mostly just hardcore kids who look at this i guess?

we are only going to do a pressing of 100 copies for the first issue which will be out at the end of august. if you would like us to review your 7", cassette tape, cd or record feel free to mail to the address below. and if you would like a copy of the zine please send $2 of well concealed cash to:

the stowaways
5082 Wendover Road
Yorba Linda, CA 92886

thanks for your support -christopher

p.s. i made a bigcartel for roman candles:
buy tapes/records for cheap if that interests you

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