Saturday, March 26, 2011

I Think We Should Stay Away From Each Other - Compilation

Aaron Kovacs, the drummer from summer vacation put out a pretty amazing compilation of songs. it's the first release on his label Lauren Records.

The tracklist is :

1. Merry Christmas - Teenage Jackie
2. Pangea - CIA
3. Fishboy - Duncan
4. Summer Vacation - Children Aren't The Answer
5. Jehovas Fitness - Welcome Back
6. Andrew Jackson Jihad - Sad Songs
7. The Underground Railroad to Candyland - Flush Twice and Leave
8. Shakes - Brain Damage
9. Big Kids - I am a Romantic Comedy Dude
10. Shang-A-Lang- Song Against Porches
11. Japanther - Our Day Will Come
12. Albert Square - I Wish I Was a Teenage Heartthrob
13. Joyce Manor- Famous Friend
14. Forming - Always

i think the big kids song is the best song they've written. i think the andrew jackson jihad song is fucking awful. i've heard new songs off the new ajj album, and so many of those songs are so good. i'm bummed they picked such a shitty song for this. i feel like they really fell short. i wish joyce manor had picked an unreleased song, but famous friend is great so no complaints. my favorite song on the comp. is forming's 'always'. i had never listened to them before, but this track stands out more than any other. the shakes song is really really catchy, and the merry christmas song is FUCKING GOOD. the underground railroad song is classic todd. the bands on this comp. speak for themselves. it's a great record. you need this. 200 black vinyl 100 red. comes with digital download. buy it here. listen to the whole thing here.

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