Monday, April 4, 2011

big kids - don't be a baby ep

big kids pick up right where hoop dreams left off. don't be a baby is the new three song ep available from topshelf records. 'don't be a baby' is the first track. it's faster paced. it makes me want to crowd surf. 'i'm a romantic comedy dude' is still my favorite big kids song. it's slower, and really emphasizes the vocals more than a lot of their songs. the drums are slower, but it still picks up when it should. plus the lead guitar is pretty close to perfect. "every drink neglected to take/every friend ignored" are just some of the lyrics lead singer jason romero belts. 'you're so fucking ps' is the final track. at five and a half minutes it offers big hooks and dual vocals. a pretty strong finish.

these songs are compiled on a tape available from mountain man records. the tape also includes their tracks from the koalacaust split 7" and the joyce manor split 7".

the joyce manor split 7" is available for pre order HERE.

finally, BIG KIDS are going to EUROPE. April 26-June 5. click HERE for the dates.

to listen to songs off the e.p. click HERE.

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