Saturday, April 23, 2011

ty segall, thee oh sees, off! @ 924 gilman 4.22.11

this was the most crowded i've ever seen gilman. i walked in right when ty segall was about to start playing. i had only seen him once before, but it was one of my favorite sets last year. he absolutely killed it last night. i'm not sure how much i could really get into his recorded material, but seeing him live is awesome. he represents everything cool and fun about rock n roll.this was my first time seeing thee oh sees. the drummer was wearing a mayyors shirt, which was pretty awesome. thee oh sees were a lot of fun. people were crowd surfing the whole set, and stage diving off the drummers kick drum, and dancing on stage. it was a really good time. the lead singer switched between a 6 string and a 12 string almost every other song. and their bass player played bass on just a regular 6 string guitar, but through a bass amp. i would definitely see them again.
until last night i thought that seeing 7 seconds play gilman for the first time in 23 years was going to be the coolest thing i saw during my time in berkeley. but watching keith morris bring it with off! was absolutely incredible. before they started playing someone screamed out FUCK HENRY ROLLINS. and keith yelled back,

"what did henry ever do to deserve a fuck you? henry rollins is my friend. most of us wouldn't be here if henry rollins hadn't gotten in a van and toured all over the country. i went on tour with henry and he was nothing but a stand up straight a guy." it was pretty cool.

keith talks a lot between songs, but i could listen to him talk all night. musically they are really really good. i was impressed. i hope i get to see them again. after their set, they played an encore of their first four songs. it was really funny. i'm officially a sold off! fan - a fan for life! a piece of history took place last night, a piece of punk history. and i'm glad to have been there.

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