Tuesday, April 19, 2011

the dodos @ u.c. berkeley 4.16.11

this years cal day ended with a performance of the dodos on the steps of doe library looking out over memorial glade. cal day itself has booths all over campus offering incoming freshman information about a variety of different things. the school is completely crowded with prospective students and their parents. last year the cold war kids played, and it was pretty phenomenal. this year the dodos played, and it was kind of blah. it's hard to top the cold war kids though. it was a really sunny day, so it was nice to just kind of hang out and listen to them as background music, but i would have preferred a band worth watching. this is the second time i've seen the dodos now, and i get why people like them. they're catchy. but that's not enough for me. they're also pretty boring. i'm assuming that superb, the student organization that picked this band, picked them because overall their music is descent, people like them, and it wouldn't be offensive to new students or parents listening. but fuck that. i wish fucked up played on the steps of doe library. i wish the aquabats were fighting monsters on the steps of doe library. i wish gwar played. i wish semen was shooting out of big inflatable cocks all over prospective students and parents. that's what i wish.

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