Monday, April 18, 2011

manhattan murder mystery - s/t

I picked this little gem up on vinyl at amoeba berkeley for record store day. It quite possibly might be the best thing to come out of la this year. I've been waiting for this for a long time now, but it was worth the wait. WOOoOah! the first song kicks off the album with instrumental rock accompanied with WOoah's! These WOOoOah's make their way throughout the whole album. Trailer Trash starts the lyrics for the album begging, "Do I creep you out?" The reason this album is so good is because of its honesty. Quite frankly honda prius might be my favorite song:

"Well you got your honda prius and your HD TV/ you got cash in your pocket and a college degree/well i flunked out of high school and university/now i'm finally starting to feel the effects/ i make minimum wage and i get no respect/but i got a guitar that i can't hardly play/ i write songs about things that i feel everyday/i write songs about things that i felt in my past/ like my mother my brother my dog and my dad/ it's the only thing that keeps me from going crazy/going out in the streets and shooting somebody."

i think the lyrics speak for themselves. this album has old favorites like ambulance and parking lot re-recorded and sounding better than ever. the best song on the album is probably smoky mountain, but honda prius is my favorite. 9 songs in 35 minutes this couldn't get any better. available from HELLO MY NAME IS RECORDS. do yourself a favor. this is required listening.

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