Friday, April 22, 2011

Joyce manor - s/t

when joyce manor decided to go with 6131 i wondered if their sound would change; if they would cater to those kids. fortunately they delivered the goods. 10 songs in under 20 minutes, this is the perfect length for me. the first two songs on the album are okay, but it really picks up with 'beach community' and doesn't look back. i kind of wish they hadn't re-recorded 'leather jacket' and 'constant nothing'. i can't hear 'constant nothing' without wanting to hear 'done right discount flooring' right after. but those are both great songs and help space out the album nicely. '21st dead rats' is probably my favorite song on the album-the vocals are perfect. i like 'astray petting zoo's' guitar solo the best out of all the songs. that song is a bit slower, but one of the albums best. 'constant headache' is a good closer, and also the longest song on the album. this is all around great pop punk in the vein of jawbreaker and weezer. they are on tour with lemuria and white wives right now. dates are HERE.

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