Sunday, April 17, 2011

heart sounds, fake boys, off with their heads @ 924 gilman 4.15.11

i caught the tail end of heartsounds' set. they played on the floor, which was cool. i'm not too familiar with their songs, but they come off really good. dual male/female vocals. two guitars, bass, drums heavy influenced pop punk songs. pretty geared towards early high school warped tour crowd. there were a lot of people there for them, and gilman kind of empty-ed out after their set. beside the first show i went to at gilman to see creatures, this was the smallest crowd i've ever seen at a show there. fake boys played next. pop punk trio. musically they were pretty fucking great, but i just couldn't get into the singers voice. they definitely deserve another chance from me though, because they really were very good. the lead singer played second guitar for owth and the drummer stayed too. off with their heads was fucking great. i liked the new record that came out last year. they played songs off of that. but they also played some hits. i could fist pump to them live for a really long time. they are a great band, and i hope they keep putting out albums. their set was too short, i wanted more. i left singing 'i am you' the whole walk home.

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