Thursday, March 4, 2010

crystal antlers, "little sister/dead horses" - record review

after last years full length debut, crystal antlers return with a brand new 7 inch. the A side titled 'little sister' is probably the pop-iest song they've ever recorded. i mean this in the best sense of the term - it's a great fucking song. the B side 'dead horses' highlights jonny bell's haunting growl, which is definitely a good thing. this is a very promising progression for the band. plus the artwork is awesome. need i say more? it's limited to 500 and you can buy them here. or you can download it for free there too. rating: 2/2

so with this being my first record review i'm going to explain my rating system. i totally stole this from indiepages. i like it, and it makes sense so i'm going to use it:

What does MTQ mean?

Here's the deal: every record is rated on its Mix Tape Quotient, or MTQ. This is the number of songs on that album that merit repeat listening (and hence, being mix tape-worthy). For example, a great 3-song 7" would get 3/3 or a hit-and-miss 12-song cd would get 7/12. Sure, it can sometimes be a little more challenging for me to rate a record this way, but I still find it more useful than a simple 1-5 star rating system!

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