Saturday, March 20, 2010

paul baribeau - unbearable cd review

when i was in sixth, seventh and eighth grade i listened to a lot of the get up kids and dashboard confessional. pretty much anything and everything that came out on vagrant records i fell in love with. at the time i was completely okay telling people i listened to 'emo' or 'emo-rock', and then, all of a sudden, by the end of eighth grade it was this completely derogatory term. almost overnight i had to tell people i listened to indie-rock. i was still listening to the exact same bands, but what i told people was different. the thing i liked about those bands was that everyone who listened them always knew every single word to every song. people sang along. for that reason i've had a really positive emotional connection to anything paul baribeau's written. he makes you sing along; it reminds me of middle school. now i know i would never call this 'emo' or 'indie-rock' but in my mind it fills the exact same need. at the end of the day i'm glad it exists.

so onto the record:
paul's back with his third album titled unbearble. he self released it on pb records, which i imagine stands for paul baribeau records, but plan-it-x is selling them for five bucks.

the album comes in at just under twenty-five minutes. i think this is his best release to date. his first 's/t' album was rushed. his second album 'grand ledge' is too short. this album feels perfect.

you get ten of his best songs yet. 'eight letters' is currently killing it for me, but it's still too soon to pick a favorite. it'll probably be different tomorrow. lyrically it's pretty similar to his other albums. musically: not much is new here, and yet it still feels like he's only getting better with each release. there is a bit of electric guitar on 'the wall' but nothing outrageous. all in all, i highly recommend this. it'll probably be on my best of 2010 list.

rating: 10/10

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