Sunday, March 7, 2010

abe vigoda and lovvers @ 21 grand 3/6/2010

arguably the best thing about living up north is the public transportation. being able to drink, hop on a bus and not worry about driving makes going to shows a much better experience. With that said, we drank, hopped on a bus and rode to 21 grand in oakland. 21 grand is a really cool art space reminiscent of pehrspace, echo curio or l’keg. i would like to see more shows there, my only problem is that they charged eight dollars instead of the typical five, which was kind of a bummer, but definitely worth it considering we ride the busses up here for free. lovvers are from the u.k. and flat out fucking jam. i’d never heard of them before, but that didn’t stop me or anyone else there from dancing. their set was a party from start to finish. i would love to see them again-highly recommended. after their set, i talked to juan from abe vigoda, and he said that they finished recording their new record, and it’ll be out in august on ppm. thus, they played a bunch of the new songs, all of which were really good. juan put down the guitar and played synth for a few of them. just like lovvers, abe vigoda kept the crowd dancing from beginning to end. they played a bit of a short set, leaving the crowd wanting more which is fine. i want to see them again. we ended the night with chicken-apple hot dogs from top dog-one of berkeley’s not so hidden treasures.

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