Wednesday, March 3, 2010

a good pillow/one trick pony/gkfoes vjgoaf@ the carpentry house 2.26.10

my friends came up to visit me in berkeley this weekend, and roman candles played a show at the carpentry house. we played with a good pillow, one trick pony and gkfoes vjgoaf. david nguyen, the man behind a good pillow played first. there was no p.a. system and so you could not really hear his vocals, but the recordings on his myspace are wonderful. randy proved once again that he literally has the sexiest voice in all of l.a. i wish more people cared about one trick pony, i think they are an amazing band full of amazing people. this time there band consisted of guitar, drums, bass, and then a fourth member split the set by playing half the songs with a banjo and the other half with a mandolin. best song of the night was loose talk when people started singing along. after one trick pony the house pretty much emptied out, but anyone who stayed really lucked out. i saw sean play completely acoustic at the beginning of the school year, but gkfoes vjgoaf was a completely different animal. i'm not really sure how to describe it other then i really liked what i heard. i made sure to grab all three of his cassette tapes. all in all it was a good show.

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