Wednesday, March 31, 2010

moses campbell:: who are you? who is anyone? cd review

anyone who has been paying attention to moses campbell, has been anticipating this album for quite some time. even before i listened to the cd, i was pretty familiar with the majority of these songs.‘who are you? who is anyone?’ marks their debut full length, and an impressive one at that. its got twelve tracks and close to forty-five minutes of music. the reason i like this album so much is because it's easy for me to identify with. vocally, it's everything i like about bright eyes, and miss about being fifteen years old. instrumentally, it's as exciting as the first time i saw dusty rhodes and the river band, which for me is saying a lot. i think it’s a great debut from a very talented young band. most people’s complaints with the album are going to be that it's too long, but i’m not really buying that argument. all the songs on here are necessary. i’m really excited to see where this band takes us in the future, but for now pick up a copy of their album while it’s fresh.

the album was released on olFactory, Static Aktion, No Girls Allowed and can be purchased from olFacotory's website here.

rating: 12/12

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