Saturday, March 27, 2010

Your Yellow Dress Tour Day 4 March 24, 2010

Phoenix to San Deigo = Fail. when we woke up in Tucson, Kevin and Ryan told us that the car would not be done until the earliest Thursday afternoon which meant at least one more night in the hangart. so we walked about a half mile to the grocery store, and when the weather cooled down we went over to fourth street and busked. i decided i was just going to drink a lot that day to keep from losing my mind. the coolest thing about that day though was meeting this guy named jimmy tucson. after busking we came back to the hangart, and i continued to drink. i found out that there would be another show there that night which was awesome. we got to see the splinters again who are fucking great. they are playing with the bananas and no bunny on april fourth in oakland for no bunny's easter egg bash which i'm really excited about. we saw jeff the brotherhood again too. this time they played acoustic which they said they had never done before and it was awesome. they're fucking amazing check them out. after them charlie and the moonhearts played, and we have their 'drop in/drop out' 7" up at kalx and i love it, they're soo good. ty segal played last and played a pretty destructive rock 'n' roll set. i'm a huge ty segal fan now. you should definitely check them out. after all the bands left, a pretty intoxicated alex taught us all how to do the hustle. he led us in a two hour disco dance party, which is going to remain one of my favorite memories of this trip.

the hangart
Eric: Bass
Ryan: Trumpet
Kevin: Trumpet
Tim: French Horn
Richard: Mellophone
Alyson: Violin
Alex: Guitar
Matt: Drums

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