Monday, March 29, 2010

curdle motif: sounds from a well review

curdle motif says more in fourteen minutes of music then i'll say in my whole life. however, it's not the discouraging "you should probably quit your band because you'll never be as good as them." it's actually the opposite - it makes me want to write better songs.

with that in mind, hassan and rosie return for their second e.p. titled 'sounds from a well.' it's got six brand new tracks - all of which are better then anything on their first e.p. the recordings are better, the lyrics are better, and the musicianship is better. this time around, you get more then just guitar and cello; it comes with drums, mandolin and glockenspiel as well. i would have to say my favorite song on the album is the closer 'snake of eden' where hassan belches out with confidence, "we're all fish just swimming in the same water we shit in . . ."

they're selling them at shows and on their myspace for three dollars, and the artwork is hand drawn by hassan. i'm letting you know now that this band is destined for great things. they're going to deliver us a full length that will still matter twenty years after it's written. our kids will listen to it and admire us for knowing it existed, or hate us for not being 'in the know.' so do yourself a favor and grab this. - highly recommended.

rating: 6/6

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  1. do you have a rip of this? i can't find it anywhere online