Saturday, March 27, 2010

Your Yellow Dress Tour Day 3 March 23, 2010

Las Cruces to Phoenix = Fail. we had been having van problems from about four hours into the trip on the first day. when we woke up at the equinox, we pushed our van to a pep boys and had them seal a leak on the van. they sent us on our way. we stopped at a dairy queen in tucson, and when we tried to start the car it was obvious that it wasn't going to work. we had it towed to another pep boys, and they weren't able to help us. so we had it towed to sharp's transmissions, and it was already closed by the time we got it towed there so we had to wait until the next morning for them to look at it. jake, who runs the hangart, let us sleep there which was awesome because we got to see a bunch of bands for free. the only thing that sucked was that it's so cold sleeping on the floor.

The Equinox: Las Cruces, New Mexico
PEP BOYS: Tucson, Arizona

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