Monday, July 23, 2012

Throat Culture reviews Roman Candles 'Whatever Happened to VBK?' 7"

Throat Culture issue 11 reviewed

the roman candles 7"

Roman Candles - 'What ever happened to VBK?'
(Young Foole / This Side That Side)

What did ever happen to VBK? Stuff like this makes me wish I was more punk, hadn't cut my hair, and was cool, but then it reminds, who the hell is 'punk'? And screw being cool!! But most of all, just like their 'punk belongs to us' tape, this makes me wish I could actually play. The Roman Candles are really so damn good, and this 45 is a testament of that exactly. Fast and jumpy, while being smooth and classy. Poppy punk fun! I'm sometimes like 'Bass, whatever.' This makes me be like 'Whoa, this here bass thing is pretty dang cool!' Harmonica shred and what not, so good. I like the full band sound & I NEED to see 'em live. Come over? Please guys!! The first tune reminds us it's all okay to scream out, play loud, and be ourselves. Punx. The second is all about religions and cults, both? Same thing? Total twistin' tunez!! (four or five bucks??)

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Thanks Robert!
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