Sunday, July 8, 2012

roman candles show on monday 7/9/12

Roman Candles show in L.A. on Monday. It starts at 6:30 Sharp. I will be there at 6:00. and I'm assuming i'm playing first, so please come early. It's still a secret location, but if you'd like the address email me romancandlesmusic[at]gmail[dot]com

this is definitely the most excited i've been for a show in awhile. it's a solid line-up. come early stay late.

i'm also putting out a tape for the show. it's got seven new acoustic songs, one of them even has some accordion on it for you diehards. the tapes are limited to 50 copies. i have 45 left as of now. i'm giving them away for free at the show, so this is a one night deal. if you really can't make it to the show, and you want one just email me. we'll figure it out.

Roman Candles: This One's for Terminal Boredom /50

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