Friday, February 26, 2010

alkaline trio. regency ballroom. san francisco. 2/18/10

i got really drunk with a friend and had an in depth conversation about 'freaks and geeks' and wound up missing a few stops on the bart so we completely missed cursive, but we got to the show right before alkaline trio started. they opened up with their new single 'this addiction' and followed it up with 'armageddon'. matt told this really funny story about filming their first music video. he said that he had taken a bunch of shrooms and was at derby skatepark in santa cruz having the time of his life when mike park showed up and decided they needed to film a video. they then dedicated 'goodbye forever' to him. matt said he's tripping balls in every scene in that video. they ended the set with '97'. when they came back out for an encore matt skiba was on drums dan adriano was on guitar and derek grant was playing bass. they played a song off the new record and then played a cover of the misfits 'attitude'. they ended the set by appropriately playing 'san francisco' in san francisco and their hit song 'radio'. all in all it was a really good mix of old and new songs. the new songs are some of the best songs they've written since 'goodmorning' which came out in 2003. the new album comes out tuesday. i recommend it.

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