Thursday, February 25, 2010

sean hood/your yellow dress. the carpentry house. 2/13/10

this was my fourth show at the carpentry house. it's definitely the most intimate setting for shows in berkeley that i've found. as soon as i arrived, i was offered a free plate of fried rice with fresh vegetables, which is never a bad way to start the night. sean hood played first. he played country/folk songs with a really tiny amplifier that attached to his hip. his songs were good, definitely worth checking out. your yellow dress played after sean. this is the third time i've seen them, and every time i've seen them play, they've had a different lineup with different instrumentation. tonight was the first night that i've seen them, that they had a trumpet player in addition to the standard french horn. this band is growing on me. i like them more every time. i would love to see them play electric with a drummer, but all of the shows at the carpentry house are small, quiet, acoustic living room shows. i recommend them to anyone who likes their folk with a lot of pop. i have high hopes for this band. check them out.

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