Monday, February 22, 2010

the album leaf. berkeley art museum. 2/2/10

The Album Leaf celebrated the release of their fifth full length album 'A Chorus of Storytellers' by playing a free show at the Berkeley Art Museum. The Museum was showcasing Thom Faulders 'Bamscape' which was basically this giant orange statue you could sit on. The band started right on time with their equipment set up on the floor. They were accompanied by a string quartet which rounded out the band with a total of ten members. I have never seen them before and I am fairly unfamiliar with their recorded material, and so my only real complaint was that the band boasts the use of live visual projection art, however they didn't have a projection screen and so I imagine it would have been much better if they had. They played for a full hour before ending their set, and returning back to the stage for a half hour encore. The encore was nothing special, and I think they should have done without it. A few days after the show my friend Sam said something to the extent that the idea of them playing a secret show for U.C. Berkeley students was cooler then the actual show. I completely agree. I was sort of disappointed. If you’ve never listened to The Album Leaf, I would recommend Explosions In The Sky over them, and If you can’t do instrumental music and you need lyrics I think American Football is a better band. All in all they played a descent set, but to be completely honest it was not really for me.

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