Tuesday, July 6, 2010

trash talk @ rasputins 6.27.10

i wanted to say a few things about trash talk's record release at rasputins in berkeley last week. first of all, it was awesome. about the second song in, kids started stage diving off the dvd racks. this went on for about four more songs until a security guard said if they continued to stage dive the show would end. when he said this kids started "boo"-ing him, which was pretty funny. trash talk is easily one of the most chaotic bands i've ever seen. they are in your face, they are engaging, they are incredible. i've seen them five times now, and i'm still unfamiliar with any of their recorded material, i just think they're a great live band. with that in mind, i can't really speak to how well they played their songs, or if the new songs sounded good because i really don't know. but i do know that i walked away from the show thinking that trash talk is easily one of the best bands in hardcore. on their last song, the lead singer stage dived off of some dvd racks again, which caused the security guard to pull the plug on them. and with a big fuck you to the security guard, trash talk played one more song without any power, which ended in most of the kids screaming along. at this point everyone ran out of the store because no one wanted to be responsible to the damage caused to the record store. i personally can't imagine having that lack of respect for a record store, but i'm also not in trash talk so go figure.

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