Sunday, July 18, 2010

One Day As A Lion @ Aladdin Jr. 7.17.10

One Day as a Lion is Zack de la Rocha's new band. They played a matinee show at aladdin jr.'s. It was their first show, and I wound up getting in for free, which was really awesome. They were a great live band. Aladdin's is a really small venue in pomona, ca, so to be able to see zack really close up was pretty incredible. he's an unbelievably talented front man. their drummer, jon theodore, was a madman on skins. he really killed it. considering the band only uses drums and keyboards, they were able to fill up the sound really well. the show was presented by fyf fest, but there were a lot of "kroq" types there. people in DVS's and SRH tanktops are always pretty amusing. Zack used his time on stage to address the issues in regards to Arizona's sb1070 laws. he didn't preach too much, but i enjoyed listening to what he had to say. he promoted the soundstrike website which has gained a lot of popularity among mainstream artists. I really liked when he addressed the people who spent the whole show filming it on their digital cameras. He said something along the lines of this being the smallest room he's played in in a really long time. why would you spend the whole show watching it from behind a little camera screen? You're Here, This is live, It's happening right now. enjoy it. Enjoy it I did. they're playing again tomorrow in l.a. if you get the chance to see them I would do so.

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