Thursday, July 15, 2010


the fuck yeah fest is one of my favorite times of the year. i remember the first time i heard about it, i was probably 15 years old. bronco tatonka was playing. i didn't really know anything about the fest other then i really wanted to go. the problem was i couldn't drive yet, and there was no way i was going to be able to convince my parents to drive me to l.a. to go see a band play at the "FUCK YEAH FEST," so i didn't even ask. i probably should have.

the first year i went was fuck yeah fest 4. i went with riley, geoff, and stephanie. we met up with zack and jane there. we only went to the first day. at the time, i didn't know too many of the bands playing. looking back at the flyer now, i know most of those bands and would have done the festival completely different. regardless, it was the first time i saw the mae shi. they played the echo, and it fucking rocked.

riley and i hyped the festival up all year long, and by the time the next year rolled around my knowledge of local music was much greater, and i was much more excited for it. riley couldn't go because he had to go on a family trip to yosemite, but i wound up convincing cole, ian, calvin and max to come along. this was the year it changed from the fuck yeah fest to the f yeah fest. i saw trash talk, paint it black, abe vigoda, mika miko, the mae shi, crystal antlers, triumph of lethargy, two gallants, no age, and the monotonix play (among others). it was awesome.

last year the name of the festival changed again from the f yeah fest to the fyf fest. they also changed the location. it use to be at the echo/echoplex and surrounding venues. now it's at the los angeles state park. i didn't go last year because i was away at school, but i feel like most of the bands sean puts on would better be seen at the echo, but everyone i talked to who went last year had a good time. it's probably better that it's at the park too, because i remember waiting in ridiculous lines oustide the echo that didn't make any sense at f yeah fest 5. we even had to wait in lines inside the echo to go down to the echoplex and vice versa. it was pretty shitty, but it didn't really put a dent in my experience. the day was still really awesome.

i'm flying home for it this year, and i'm super excited!

the first year i went

the second year i went. i remember helping miles from moses campbell pass out flyers for this at sunset junction.

this years line-up is so awesome. i'm really excited to cross a bunch of bands off of my "bands i want to see, but haven't seen yet" list.

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