Friday, July 2, 2010

roman candles summer tour day 2: 6.27.10

we woke up early in berkeley, and went to ann's for breakfast. after that, i got to hang out with chrissy for a while. we went to the park, got harrassed by homeless people, and played frisbee until i accidently hit a girl and her boyfriend threatened to murder me. trash talk played a free show at rasputins up the street for their record release. it was incredible. than night we played a house show in oakland at this place called the hive with loose ends(female fronted punk), kingdom of magic(really loud/really good metal), and knifey spoony(steve0 is the man and helped us out with the show. thanks dude!)

my fire place is boarded up for some reason?
trash talk at rasputin's was nutz
skating oustide of the wrong hive in oakland
kingdom of magic (sorry this picture sucks)
knifey spoony

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