Thursday, July 22, 2010

oc weekly reviews roman candles tape

oc weekly did a review of our tape. you can read it

Yorba Linda's Roman Candles have been plugging away for a couple of years now, with three self-released cassettes to their name (including one drawn from a variety of scattered sessions). Read Books/Make Art, recorded and released last year, is the kind of happily self-conscious indie-pop rock that could have just as easily been recorded at home in 1985 as it is now, an underground continuum of pop culture references, random winsomeness and a surface nerdishness that disguises a sometimes sadder, more reflective core.

So there's a song called "Walkin' Outside" that's a sweet little ramble with harmonica and what sounds like mandolin. There's the distended guitar and echoed vocals on "The Ballad of Ghost" makes for an unsettled, roughly beautiful ballad of a lost soul. On the flipside, how one reacts to "Fuck Yeah Fest!" (about a visit to said event) might depend one's tolerance for the local in-jokes, though the quick blast and ramble of "Punk Belongs to Me" makes up for it. Then there's "Tom Bombadil," about entertaining a dream of living off the land and wanting to be a stowaway.

That's a bit of a theme for the band, given that the next song is simply called "The Stowaways" that looks at the same dream from a slightly older, wiser perspective. All of which is a good thing, because if "Tom Bombadil" had in fact been about the one character from
The Lord of the Rings, the only fate for them would be busking at Comic-Con this weekend with the other filksong types.

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