Monday, July 5, 2010

roman candles summer tour day 6: 7.01.10

after the le voyeur show, we drove back to portland and slept at jillian's again. we slept in kind of late, and spent the whole day driving to medford, oregon. we played at this place called the musichead, which was cool. we played on the floor. this two piece folk-punk band called thor played, and they were really good. after them koalacaust played. i really enjoyed their set, they are all really funny guys. defiance, ohio were great. i traded tapes with theo. he gave me this nana nemo tape which is awesome. after the show, max drove through the whole night, and i was home by 11 am. this was by far the smoothest tour i've been on. i had an awesome time.

defiance, ohio

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